#BuildNewcrest: Day 77

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 77 (Household Income: §32,003)

Dad renovated most of the basement yesterday. Well, worked on an unfinished basement that is. I was also excited to find out that sis had twin daughters and bro had a son. Bro lives next door, so Xavier can have a cousin to play with from time to time.

It’s Saturday and the family has the day off from work and school. I’m glad because Xavier turns into a toddler today. In fact, we’ll make sure to eat breakfast right before he does.

Of course Xavier wakes me up nice and early. I check the clock and it’s close to 6:00am. I feed him before I make breakfast for the rest of the family.

I know dad would make his fruit and yogurt parfait, so I beat him to the kitchen and made french toast. I know it’s not healthy, but Angel and Noelle received As in school and it’s the weekend now. We all sit down for a nice family breakfast.

After breakfast we all gather around Xavier’s bassinet. It’s time for him to become a toddler.

And a handsome little man did he become.

As I am pampering our new toddler with Karlo, dad decides to take Angel and Noelle to the basement and show off their new rooms to them.

Angel’s room was first. His two favorite colors are white and gold, but dad didn’t want to paint his room those colors. Since white and gold could be considered colors from the sky as clouds and the sun, he painted Angel’s room blue. Angel loved his twin sister, but was probably happy now to get his own room.

Noelle’s was next. Her favorite colors were green and red. I think dad was happy she took after him on a favorite color. So of course, he went with a green theme for her room.

When it came to Xavier’s room, dad spoiled him a little more than he did Angel and Noelle.

Xavier immediately went for the stuffed bear and started babbling to it. Dad tells Xavier his name is Blarffy.

I help dad in the kitchen make lunch. Grilled cheese sandwiches for Angel and Noelle. Xavier is too young right now for grilled cheese because they are too hot. So I make him a ham and cheese sandwich instead.

As we’re making lunch together, he calculates when Angel will be a teenager and tells me it’s only 7 days away. And that’s when Xavier should be entering his childhood days. This is great news I think. They all get to grow up together then. Dad says I should have a public vote for heir like he did between me and sis. I liked the idea of switching off every other generation by gender. Dad continues that if the public votes for Angel, he can get started right away on his plans for Newcrest. Dad liked the idea I added housing to Newcrest for my contribution. Especially with bro moving across the street. He wished sis moved into Newcrest as well. So did I. Dad goes on to saying that if the public chooses Xavier, I can slowly discuss what his role would be until he’s old enough to start on his own.

Then it’s lunch time.

After lunch, dad wanted me to check out the new laundry room. We’ve never washed our clothes before. Yeah, sounds gross. I know. But we never really had to. For some reason our clothes always seemed to remain clean. But that changes when you buy a washer and dryer I guess. It’s almost like the atmosphere knows or something and all of a sudden clothes will start to get dirty.

We learned how to wash clothes together.

We spend most of the day at the Community Park after lunch and laundry. Dad says he doesn’t have too many days left and he wants to visit the park he designed at least one more time. We all changed into different clothes before heading out.

I sat on one of the benches talking to mom…

While Angel, Noelle, and Xavier played around.

The bigger boys played some hoops together.

Dad had brought hamburgers and hotdogs to grill.

Then everyone grabbed a paper plate and sat down. It was nice of dad to grill both so everyone had a choice. Well, everyone but Xavier. I grabbed him and then a hotdog without a bun. I let it cool off before giving it to him.

Later when we got home, it was bath time for Xavier, Angel, and Noelle.

Then bed time.

After, I go to put the laundry that was in the washer into the dryer.

Then I go online and update my social media status. I showed off Xavier as a toddler.

It was my bath time. I soaked for what seemed like a long time.

When it’s time for me to go bed, I snuggle up to Karlo. What a fun family day we had today.

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