#BuildNewcrest: Day 76

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 76 (Household Income: §57,666)

Yesterday, Xavier was born into the world.

Good morning. I’m tired. Been sleeping off and on all night taking care of Xavier. I’m staying home today because everyone else has to go into work. I call my workplace early and leave a voicemail that I won’t be in today.

I make breakfast while everyone else is getting up. I wanted to treat Angel and Noelle, so I decide to make silly gummy bear pancakes.

They have been doing real well in school lately. They are both B students. Of course, Karlo is pushing them to get As.

At the table, Angel and Noelle seem to really enjoy the pancakes I’ve made.

Dad thinks he’s going to get his next promotion today. He’s too stubborn to retire. I hope he gets it. Mom doesn’t want to retire either.

At 8:00am, I send Angel and Noelle to school.

Then it’s my hubby’s time to go to work an hour later.

And before I get the house to myself, dad and mom head off to work.

I have two text messages. One from sis and one from bro. This is just too weird. Both had babies this morning. Well, bro’s wife had a baby. I guess he helped make it possible. Sis had twin girls. She named them Faith and Charity. Bro has a son and continued the Joseph line, Joseph Simself the third.

I spend all day with Xavier.

I try and take naps in between when he himself is sleeping.

Dad gets home around 2:00pm and let’s me know he got the promotion he thought he was going to get. I’m excited for him. And he’s such in a good mood, he said he is going to finish the basement today. Tomorrow, Xavier grows up to be a toddler. He thought maybe Angel and Noelle could have their room downstairs and Xavier can have their current bedroom.

An hour later, Angel and Noelle arrive home. I go outside to meet them. Angel has good news to tell me. He says that him and his sister reached the A honor roll today. Their dad is going to be proud when he hears this news. Today keeps getting better.

I can hear Xavier crying so I go inside with Angel and Noelle. It seems dad is already on the scene taking care of everything. He’s such a great grandpa.

Karlo arrives home around 5:00pm. I let Angel and Noelle share their news they told me.

And mom is home around 7:00pm. Karlo makes dinner tonight since dad is spending time working on the basement. But he takes a break and eats with us at the dinner table.

At 10:00pm, Karlo and myself put Angel and Noelle to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a big day with Xavier becoming a toddler.

Dad moved the computer to the basement. He wanted to make it easier for me to access without worrying about waking him and mom up if I wanted to use it at night when everyone else was in bed. He’s not finished with the basement, that’s something I can do or the next in line as heir. That would be up to me.

First, he updates his social media status. He shares his promotion news and talk about his grandchildren.

Then it’s my turn. We continue to link to each other in hopes we can share followers. He has so many, though. Some come his working. It’s part of his job to have a social media profile. So I am just hoping those who follow him to join in on our family life, are also following me.

I spend the rest of this night just like last night. When Xavier is awake, I am awake.

When Xavier sleeps, I sleep. I am looking forward to him being a toddler tomorrow.

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