1.07: Fox Fever And The Temple Of Exhume

Jungle Ruin
1.07: Fox Fever And The Temple Of Exhume

“After I pulled the spear, I knew it was a mistake. Was this the end for me? Luckily it wasn’t. There was minor damage to me. It took several tries in figuring out how to get past the barrier, but I managed to do so.

“We continued to hit more barriers along the way. One, I had to forcefully change my mood. I’m not sure if that ended as a good thing or bad. Only time will tell.

“The temple had a Guardian. A skeleton that was protecting the place. I guess as long as we behaved ourselves in the temple, it was going to leave us alone. It creeped me out at first. I’ve been in places I swear was haunted, but never had an experience like this.

“We weren’t able to get the full experience of the temple before I pulled the team out because they were lacking the sleep needed for expeditions like this. I do hope they had an adventurous time inside the temple. I will be returning to this one on my own at a later time to continue the exploration.”

In doing so, it’s eyes glow red and I am engulfed by black smoke. Nothing more but a little taste of dusty bones in my mouth. Okay. I’m not trying the other two. Who knows what the other two are going to try to do to me. These skeletons mean business. But let’s see if this triggered the gateway.

Nope. Still the green cloudy mist.

Maybe Rickie’s bowls he discovered will do something. So I have the team go back to where we excavated the site. The bowls were there.

I pull out my notepad and take notes of what happened with the skeletons. I look carefully at each bowl and jot down notes about them as well, particularly the carvings on each.

I dig up some sand from the excavation we did just prior and pour it into the bowl with the arrowheads on it.

There was a red glow above the bowl …

… And again I was smoked.

I was convinced one of these bowls was the key though. This time I put my thinking cap on. Out of the last three, which one would make sense to activate. My decision came to be the one with the leaves. This jungle is full of leaves. I pour more sand in.

A whitish blue glow formed over the bowl. I felt satisfied this did the trick.

We make our way back to the gateway. No more green cloudy mist.

We venture further into the temple.

We come across another covered gateway. This one is covered with fire. I ask the team to look around and see if they see anything that could possible trigger this to turn off.

As everyone is searching, Misty calls me over. She thinks she’s found something.

There are four blocks to step on. One of these must relinquish the fire. There are symbols representing Confidence, Inspiration, Energy, and Flirty.

Everyone’s been a little flirtatious lately, including myself. Maybe the vibes of this temple have something to do with it. I try to step on the block, but it is preventing me to do so.

I have to be in a flirtatious mood. I move to the other side of Misty and begin putting the moves on her. But I’m not acting it. I’m actually feeling it. I tell her I’d like to take her out on a date sometime.

She’s a little shy at first but reciprocates and begins to flirt back saying that she would love to.

After a few minutes of flirting with each other, we both snap back to reality and stare at each other without saying a word. I’m able to step on the Flirty block.

Success! There is a blue glow around the blocks and they lower.

I turn the corner and the fire from the gateway is no longer. As we approach it, I turn my head and ask if everyone else is ready to move on. Mindy quickly says, “I need to use the facilities or whatever they have out here.” I turn around and she’s doing the potty dance little kids do. Many others seem to have to go the bathroom as well.

As much as I wanted to continue, even nature was calling for me. This was a big set back too, unfortunately. It tooks us a lot of time to head back out to where the nearest outhouse was. We all finally were able to do our business, but it was ten o’clock at night now. It was dark out.

I asked the team if they wanted to head back to the rental house for the night as it was getting dark. I’m guessing going the bathroom gave them a sense of strength and they all wanted to push forward. I further tell them we could be in there until after midnight then. They all seemed to not care. Tomorrow will be a rest and relaxation day then. We’ll use tomorrow to check out the rare treasures we excavated since our arrival.

Because of their decision, I decided we should eat as well before heading back into the temple. I had carried the cooler with us from outside the temple. I figured people would be getting hungry as well after using the outhouse.

We got bug lucky why we were outside. By the time everyone was done eating, it was going on eleven o’clock. I asked one last time about calling it a night. Some were getting tired, but wanted to continue on. We quickly made our way back into the temple where we left off.

We come across a third gateway, but this one is blocked by electricity.

I wonder what my team is thinking.

Adrian found more skeletons with spears. I tell her not to pull any spears whatsoever. We saw what happened to me.

The skeletons with spears were on one side of the gateway, so I checked out the other side. It was some sort of totem. I examined it carefully. I don’t trust skeletons with spears. Maybe something about this thing will turn off the electrical entrance to the next gateway.

Rickie rushes to where I am and tells me there’s a real life skeleton out there walking around and asked us what we are doing here. Really, Rickie? A skeleton is out there talking to all of you?

What a funny guy Rickie is.

I turn my focus back to the totem. I marvel at it’s carvings. Out loud I tell it that it has such a beautiful design and a nice smile. All of a sudden, it’s eyes glow blue. The same blue as from the bowl with the leaves design and the standing block. Did I just make the electricity blockade go away by complimenting the totem?

As I walk to the gateway it is clear to walk through. I motion everyone to follow. As I am entering, I see a skeleton standing there. Was Rickie not kidding? Is that a skeleton that is…. alive?

As I approach it, it does this weird thing with its head. Is this thing possessed?

I have to admit, I was a little freaked out about it.

Then the skeleton speaks to me. It tells me its name is Tarsus Corporis. It is the Temple Guard. “You’re here looking for the temple’s treasures. You’re just like everyone else and want the treasures to sell for profit. The artifacts in these temples are not for sale.” I tell Tarsus the skeleton that I’m an Archaeology Scholar. I don’t sell artifacts, I preserve them. Then it asks me about the others in my group. I explain they are tourists along for the ride. Some want to be true explorers. Tarsus the skeleton said it would be keeping a close eye socket on us.

I call the team to venture further. Tarsus the skeleton stayed in the background. I notice a tomb that has a goldish glow coming from it. Is this what Tarsus the skeleton was trying to protect?

Misty had found another gateway blocked by fire. This wasn’t the center of the temple then.

I push the cover of the tomb and notice a handful of treasures.

As I was pocketing the treasures, I could hear some of my team behind me complaining about being tired. This was my cue to end the temple exploration here. I don’t want my team setting off traps because they were too tired to be careful.

I’ll have to come back to this temple another time and finish my exploration of it. I want to see what I can find in the center.

I gather the team together and tell them we’re heading back to the rental housing. I say to them the reason and would rather have them all be safe than leaving the temple one or two people less than coming in.

We make it back to the rental housing safely. It’s around two-thirty in the morning.

Everyone looked exhausted. I told them all to head to bed and feel free to sleep in. I’ll figure out what we can do tomorrow besides examining all our findings over the past few days.

Author’s Note: The temple obstacles and traps were a game of chance. I never played through before importing the expedition team into the game world. The first obstacle with the green misted gateway. With the traps of the skeletons, I randomly chose the spear. With the negative results, I soon debated which spear to pull next. Then I remembered Rickie was looking at some bowls. There were four of them with different symbols. I chose arrowheads because of the spears from the skeletons which use arrows at the top. Wrong! But I still had a feeling one of these bowls did something positive. I saw one with leaves on it. So I thought I would try that next crossing my fingers. Yes. The next obstacle was the fire covered gateway. There was only one trap inside the area. There were four mood blocks. When the team was in front of the temple, many of the backgrounds of the heads depicting each person at the bottom of my screen had turned pink that they were in a romantic flirty mood. Even Fox portrayed it for a short period. But I thought nothing of it. Until I saw this trap. So, first block I had him stand on was the Flirty one. Yes. The next gateway had two traps attached to it. More skeletons and then a totem looking thing. I skipped the skeletons and examined the totem. When it was time to activate the trap, I had two options instead of four that were question marks. The other two had thumbs down. So I knew one of these two question marks could be the right one. I picked the one that said compliment the carvings. Yes. Luck was on my side. Finally, I did use cheats on Fox Fever as I was controlling him. I made sure his needs were always met using cheat codes. As for the others, I stuck with the I.S.B.I. gameplay and continued to control none of them.

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  • oh you are one lucky expedition leader Fox Fever to get all those treasures. I was on the edge of my seat in the last chapter thinking that you might pull the wrong spear. And still more to explore! Wow! Great chapter.

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