1.05: Raising The Bar

Jungle Ruin
1.05: Raising The Bar

“We make our way back to Belomisia Trailhead National Park. I get some grub going for us to eat so we can quickly get ourselves back to the temple for exploration.

“However, things didn’t go as planned. One of the team members wanted to do something else and it was put to a vote. And the exploration at the temple has been put off until tomorrow. Tensions arose about this.

“In the end, everyone had a good time before the night was over. That’s what I was hoping for.”

After we head back to the Belomisia Trailhead, I dig through some pots and pans under the grill. I find a pot. Remembering from yesterday about the ongoing harassment of the jungle bugs and now today, I decided to pack food for grilling. It’s safer to eat at a table rather than on the ground in these parts.

I throw in some franks and beans into the pot.

Not everyone was hungry when it was time to eat. Just a few grabbed a bowl and chowed down. I could see Mindy was just as hungry as I was.

I notice that Marguerite is not with us at the table. I see her off in the distance. I shout out, “Come have some dinner with us, Marguerite!” She replies, “There’s something buried over here. I want to dig it up.”

I wondered to myself why there would be an excavation spot in the National Park area. It doesn’t sound right. Maybe she just found a pile of dirt.

I go to her and check it out. There are definitely things buried here. Not sure what and if they would be worth anything. I ask Marguerite if she’d rather go and explore that temple instead. She said no. She says, “I want to clean this up and see if there’s anything that could be treasure. One man’s junk can be another woman’s treasure.”

This could take an hour or so. And I don’t want to leave her here alone. I wasn’t comfortable letting Adrian go back to the rental housing by herself yesterday, but she said she wanted to be alone and she would make it back okay. I’m the group leader and should have put my foot down and all of us go back then. But then she wouldn’t have been alone. Not today. I am in charge of this team. We all stick together from this point out.

I call the team over. This is going to be a group decision. If I let Marguerite excavate this spot, we’ll most likely not have any time to explore the temple. And that is what I tell them when they come over.

Marguerite convinces some of them to check it out. Specifically Misty and Mindy since they are really interested in this expedition. Vincent decides to check it out, too.

I notice that Rickie has been eyeing Adrian all day since I came back from the Marketplace. And looking at Adrian, I think she’s been noticing it as well. She just smiles at me and continues eating.

In the end, Marguerite has the votes and we stay here. I left myself out to keep it fair. Marguerite, Antwan, Adrian, and Rickie voted to stay in and check out this spot for treasures. Misty, Mindy, and Vince wanted to go explore the temple. I promised them we will see the temple all day tomorrow.

I explained to Marguerite how to excavate the spot. She said she didn’t want any help and she could do this alone since she found it. I have a feeling Misty had a few words for Marguerite. Vince whispered something to Mindy which made her giggle.

Mindy goes over to Misty and tells her what Vincent told her. “Maybe something will come up from the ground and grab her with some claws.” Misty was already miffed at Marguerite for not letting them explore the temple. Mindy’s, or should I say Vincent’s, joke didn’t help. Misty replied that archaeology, especially digging, is serious.

Most of it was junk that Marguerite dug up, but she also was able to find a knife that looked like it didn’t belong there. The blade looks real dull, so I think it’s safe for her to hold onto for now.

It’s a little after seven o’clock. There’s some light out but the sun is going down quickly. We head back to our rental housing and I suggest we go out and check the local bar. This was something everyone could agree on.

Antwan began arguing with the cupboard as we were getting ready to leave.

We all made our way to the Cantina El Arbol Del Jaguar Bar. This was right across from the Marketplace.

I see Rickie make his way behind the bar and start making himself a drink. Uh, Rickie. I don’t think this is a serve yourself bar. Rickie seemed to be laughing to himself. The bartender also behind the bar didn’t seem to mind. I’m not responsible if he gets in trouble, though. If he gets thrown in jail or locked up, I guess I’ll have to bargain his release at the end of the expedition.

Adrian and Antwan found themselves hooked to the television. They were watching news from earlier in the day. I guess Selvadorada has their own local news.

Mindy and Misty had found a table. Nearby I could hear Mindy talking to her. “I want to be a great explorer like Mr. Fever. I’m studying to be an archaeologist. I’ve been traveling the world already. This is my first expedition into a jungle. I’ve gone on research trips before and done excavating at other locations, but nothing like here in Selvadorada.”

I notice one of the Marketplace vendors has set up shop. I quickly go buy any available supplies I can.

From the Marketplace I spy Misty enjoying the scenery. I don’t think she’s going to want to leave when this expedition is over. She has been enjoying herself the two days we’ve been out here.

As the evening progresses, I play a game of chess with Rickie. It’s been a long time since I’ve played this game.

Inside, Mindy is dancing along with one of the other locals or tourists near the bar. I can hear someone saying, “I heard someone found dinosaur bones out here in these jungles.” We didn’t find dinosaur bones, but we sure did find bones from people.

I see a lot of yawning faces from my team, so I gather them up and tell them we’re calling it a night. We’ve got a temple to explore tomorrow. Many of them headed for their beds as soon as we got back.

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  • I think this was a great day and a vote on what to do was a good idea. Plus, the night out at the cantina helped everyone relax. A well-rested and happy crew is better to explore the temple tomorrow.

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