1.03: Stop Bugging Me

Jungle Ruin
1.03: Stop Bugging Me

“We made our way into the jungle. Right after we got through the brush and vines, I wanted to begin an excavation site and asked everyone to look for a good spot. Then we did some excavating.

“We also encountered a few of the jungle’s wildlife insects. Not everyone was lucky to come out look peachy from it. And one from our team wasn’t up to sticking around.

“I ended up bringing the team back to our rental housing a little early than expected because of poor planning on my part.

“In the end, I think today went well considering with all that happened. Tomorrow is another day.”

I took out my machete and started to clear a path for us.

After clearing a path and being the first to enter, I spy a bird keeping careful watch of an uncracked egg nearby. The look on the bird had shown it wanted this egg for its meal. Doing my history on Selvadorada, this pink egg with purple striped designs was written about through only folk tales. Lucky for me, the egg was about to hatch as I was about to grab it and move it to safety from the bird. The bird is similar in color to the egg. It allows me to pick it up and I carry it to a safer spot away from the many dangers it could encounter. I got this sense of peace from this extraordinary bird when I was about to leave.

I have everyone look around for some good digging areas. Vincent, Marguerite, and Rickie found a spot together right away.

Antwan found some more vines to clear. I had to tell him we’re not going through another area just yet. I’m happy he wants to do more exploring, but we should take it all in at small paces.

As Adrian and Mindy were looking together, I could hear them talking about boyfriends or something. I don’t picture Adrian as the romantic type. Oh well, maybe she’s giving Mindy advice or something. Not my business.

As I kneel down to where Vincent, Marguerite, and Rickie located a digging area so I could establish an excavating site, I could hear Misty telling the group how much of an expert I must be at this sort of thing. I’m an Archaeology Scholar, Misty. I should hope I know what I am doing.

I also notice Marguerite keeping a close eye on Adrian. Please play nice together, girls. You two were doing so well after the insect discussion yesterday.

As I continue to excavate, the group mingles some more with each other. I don’t hear any fighting, that’s a good thing. I was hoping at least Misty and Mindy would be over here watching me.

After building the site, it was time to actually excavate it. I’m not doing this alone. They wanted to come, they can help. I shout I need three others to help me. Surprisingly, Adrian quickly came over. Grabbed some tools I laid out and began digging. Since Antwan and Rickie were right there, they grabbed some tools as well. I was intrigued to see what we would find.

The way Vincent was looking at the site, I wasn’t sure if he wanted to help or keep away from it.

Misty raised her hand and said she wanted to help. I’m sorry, Misty. I’m glad you’re so polite, but these three jumped at it and I don’t really want to tell one of them to stop so you can help. It wouldn’t be fair.

As an Archaeologist, I always take pictures of the sites I excavate. I never know what I am going to expect when I am done. I’ve dug up much ancient history in the past ranging from treasures to bones of those who lived long before us. Rickie decided to take out his phone and take pictures as well.

Antwan was the first to dig something up. He found what looked like an old tribal mask. I told him to hold onto it and we’d investigate it later. I was happy to see that everyone else was proud of Antwan with their smiles.

Then Adrian found a mask, too. Not much later Rickie and myself found two skulls. I am guessing these masks belonged to the two people we are about to dig the rest up.

Vincent looks on and asks, “Is this a joke? Are those real skulls?” I respond that they are. “These could probably be as over as one-hundred years old.” I finish.

As Antwan had finished his excavation, he noticed these little blue lights heading for him. He quickly moves, but they follow in pursuit. I’ve read about these little bugs that are a bit shocking. Pun intended. I tell Antwan to walk it off when he’s done being jolted.

All of a sudden, Adrian gets up and says she is going back to the Lodging. She wasn’t all that excited about the mask either when she found it. She continues that she just wants to be alone and she can find her way back. Poor Adrian.

After Adrian had left, I looked around to make sure everyone else was accounted for. I couldn’t find Rickie. I yelled out his name. He shouted back he was fertilizing a bush. I knew exactly what that meant.

All of a sudden, I get swarmed by bees. I wish I had the right kind of bug spray for these things. I do the stupid thing and start to run around. This aggravates the bees more and now I am going to pay for it the rest of the night.

The sun begins to set. Marguerite looks out in the distance and watches.

There is still more digging left in this excavation site, so I go ahead and lead Vincent, Misty and Mindy into finishing it up.

Mindy says she’s getting hungry. We all packed meals, but there wasn’t any good spots to sit and eat except on the ground. With the sun setting and all these bugs coming out to play, sitting in this grass and dirt would not be good.

Antwan and Rickie were off talking to each other.

We finish the excavation finding nothing more. I didn’t expect it, but wanted to give the two girls a chance to do some digging.

As we are about to head in, Rickie approaches me. He looks like burnt toast. I ask him, “What the plum happened?” He replies that he got attacked by some type of fire bugs. I asked him if he had any Drake’s Fire Quencher on him at the time. He said he did not. He was lucky he did not burn to death.

Now we really need to get back. Everyone is getting hungry and Rickie smells like charcoal.

As soon as did trek back, Rickie took his much needed shower…

And Vincent was nice enough to grill up hamburgers for everyone instead of us eating the food sacks we got at the Marketplace this morning.

I look for Adrian to check up on her. I find her upstairs already fast asleep and decide to leave her be.

After dinner and everyone else starts heading to bed, I go outside for some fresh air. Some in this group surprised me after all. Selvadorada is not only new to them, but to new as me as well. We all learned stuff today. Tomorrow we will dig deeper into the jungle. Hopefully Adrian won’t back out. Maybe Misty will find something tomorrow since she wasn’t able to today.

And I am going to definitely look into more bug repellent. I don’t want myself or my team falling victim to something more horrific. Rickie got lucky. We all did for that matter. I heard there are worse things than lightning and fire bugs.

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  • Oh wow! Such a cute egg. So happy you saved the bird and it gave you a blessing. Cool! The poor expedition team was certainly plagued by bugs, lightning bugs, bees and fire flies. Seemingly innocent bugs are something else entirely in the jungle. Oh my! It is good to note that a group can excavate together. Everyone is safe at least after the first day. I will have to read back and see what site you are at.

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