#BuildNewcrest: Day 75

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 75 (Household Income: §53,915)

Mom forgave me faster than I thought she would have about the youth potion. I guess I don’t want to mess with how life is intended to be and I think dad was intended to take that potion. Mom too.

I wake up real early and it’s still dark outside. I think my water just broke. I wake Karlo up and tell him the baby is coming.

He rushes to dad and mom’s room and wakes them up. He tells them he’s taking me to the hospital and they’ll need to watch over Angel and Noelle.

Karlo changes clothes but tells me not to worry about changing and to just put a robe on. Dad and mom are in the room too. I’m becoming embarrassed. Dad says he’s got his grandchildren covered and we should head to the hospital.

Karlo rushes me to the hospital.

I feel like I’m going to pop soon, so the doctor immediately leads me to the delivery room as Karlo checks me in.

As the doctor starts her procedure, I have a lot going through my head. Am I going to have twins again? Or even triplets? Will Angel and Noelle be accepting of a younger sibling?

I knew Karlo was in the room when I heard the doctor say, “It’s okay, sir. This is how the procedure works.”

And, “If you’d like, you can wait outside the delivery room.”

I can only imagine his expressions. He’s never had to experience this before.

I’d like you to meet Xavier Simself.

I was able to bring Xavier home right away, He was in good health after birth.

Of course dad and mom want to see him. I give him to dad to hold. I could tell dad was already happy with his new grandson. Mom looks at me and smiles.

Now Angel and Noelle are awake. I think all the excitement noise happening, it woke the two up. I introduce them to their new baby brother.

Noelle was the most intrigued of the two. She bent over and cooed at Xavier. This made him laugh. Noelle says he’s cute. Angel just looks on from a distance. I think he’ll warm up to Xavier eventually.

After Xavier got the much needed attention, I let him sleep. It’s 6:30am and Angel and Noelle have school soon, so dad makes breakfast. He makes his famous fruit and yogurt parfait he used to make me, sis, and bro when we were children. The memories.

Then I send Angel and Noelle off to school.

I took the day off to care for Xavier, but Karlo decided to go into work.

Then it’s mom’s turn. As I say goodbye, Dulcie comes up to me.

I tell Dulcie I’m not going anywhere today. But she’ll have to share my attention with a new household member.

Dad has the day off, so he would spend time with me and Xavier.

I haven’t had quality time with my dad like this for a long time it feels like. We talked.

He talks about how well I turned out as heir. Everyone has their downs. Even he did. He mentioned his struggles with life decisions himself when he lived on the Community Park before it became that.

He says he misses being a Botanist. I remind him we have some planters out front. He doesn’t think it’s the same as back then for him. He had a really big garden he said.

The dad asks how my blog is coming along. I frown and ask him in return why isn’t he visiting it? He chuckles and says he is. He just wants to hear it from me how it is going. I stop frowning and begin to laugh as well. Silly dad.

I decide to bring up the heir thing since he did about me. Since now I have 3 children, I was deciding on who should be the next heir. Who would be the best fit. Dad recommends it be one of the boys. And then whether it is Angel or Xavier who is the heir has children, they should pick a daughter. And alternate each time. I liked this idea. I ask dad how I would choose between an Angel and Xavier, though. I don’t want to seem like I am playing favorites when they get older. Dad suggests I do like he did and have a public community vote. Let the online followers of our blogs make the decision. He says I should wait until Angel is a teenager. Give time for Xavier to grow up a bit more.

Time flew by fast when spending time with dad, Xavier, and even Dulcie. Soon Angel and Noelle were home from school. I give them each a kiss on the cheek and remind them how much I love them.

Side Note: I had to laugh at the thought bubbles of Angel and Dulcie that I couldn’t resist adding those in as well. I hope you chuckled too.

After Karlo got home, our daily routine went on as normal for the evening. The only difference was I was now taking care of another baby.

I jumped onto the computer while I had time and updated my social media status. I share my thoughts on the day. Introduced everyone to Xavier with photos and mentioned the heir thing me and my dad talked about earlier. A few more followers also joined.

Tonight, the moments I am able to sleep, I sleep extremely happy.

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