1.01: Fox Meets His Team

Jungle Ruin
1.01: Fox Meets His Team

“I received a lot of applicants from the online ad I put out and individual invitations. Unfortunately, I cannot take them all, so I randomly chose seven and sent them their notifications they have been chosen and how to proceed next. Then I mailed out the rejection letters stating that if I go on another exploration, I will send them a personal invite if they would like to come along. 

“I wanted to meet my crew of adventurers the day before we would go out into Selvadorada. I invited them in to my home in Windenburg. I spent the day together with them so I could get to know their personalities. I spent time with each of them and try to get to know them a little more. And I have them spend time with each other. I don’t want them going out in the jungle tomorrow without some kind of idea who they are teaming up with.

“I let them sleep over and we would all leave tomorrow morning bright and early.

I think I gave them all the wrong message tone and they thought we were leaving today. It looked like most were prepared to adventure out. I apologize to them and remind them all that we will be going out tomorrow and to go ahead and make themselves comfortable for today.

As I was giving a tour to some, I notice Misty get on her phone and start texting. “Is everything okay?” I ask her. She replies that everything is fine. She forgot to move money into her other account so she could buy souvenirs when we reach Selvadorada. I chose Misty Shipwell because she has a fascination for outdoors and likes to collect. She’s also has done a bit of homework and read up on Salvadorada. One of the questions I asked on the application is what type of foods you like to eat. She answered she was a vegetarian. I think she’ll find a lot of that where we are going.

I then notice Vincent daydreaming out into the sea. I approach him. “You look like you’re in your own world there.” I say to him. He responds back that he was hoping to get out into the jungle today. I remind him we’ll be spending seven days out there. He’ll get his time. Vincent Burton’s application was a cheerful one. By all his responses, I could tell he was going to be a good fit even though he knew nothing about the outdoors. But since he said he was active and likes to exercise, he would be okay.

I decided to chat with Marguerite and Adrian. There was something familiar about Marguerite when I met her in person. It’s almost like I knew her from somewhere else. But I couldn’t put my finger on it. She was excited to go on this adventure but wasn’t looking towards to all the flies and other bugs a jungle is going to have. I wonder to myself if she knows there might be beautiful wildlife as well. Like Vincent, Marguerite Wilson claimed to be very active on her application. And she had this confidence to her when I was reading her responses.

When Marguerite was mentioning her dislike towards bugs, Adrian started making jokes about it. This didn’t amuse Marguerite at all. I hope these two can get along for the next seven days. Eight including today. Adrian O’Donnell’s application interested me because I had some difficult questions and she answered them perfectly. Adrian is a teenager, but a smart one. Before accepting her application, I made sure she got permission to tag along.

I go inside to talk with the others. I find Rickie sitting watch television. “Are you ready for an adventure of a lifetime?” I ask him. He says this is going to be an awesome trip and he can’t wait to see the naked lady statues. He says there’s going to be statues in the jungle. Hopefully one of them is a naked lady and starts laughing. Of course I had to chuckle too. I do hope he’s just being funny, though. I picked Rickie Rockett because he’s another applicant who showed he’s able to be active a lot. This is good to be in a jungle or any type of expedition.

I could hear Adrian talking to Marguerite about cars outside.  This is a good sign, for now.

I found Mindy playing on my computer. She said she thought if she played some adventure games before tomorrow this would give her a lead in what to expect. What I liked about Mindy-Anna Jones is her quick way of thinking. She even showed it on her application. She said on her application that she loved the outdoors a lot and that she reads about adventures and exploration a lot. But she said she hasn’t got the chance yet to do something like this, so I wanted to do that for her.

I found Antwan in one of my bedrooms upstairs. It’s blue just like his skin. I never met someone who was actually blue in color. I picked Antwan Plum out from all the applications when I saw and he talked about his fitness. He also mentioned he’s a people person. And of course, his blue skin drew my attention. In the bedroom, I ask him to tell me more about himself.

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