#BuildNewcrest: Day 74

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 74 (Household Income: §48,935)

Mom found out about the youth potion I brought home. Now she’s mad at me. I wanted to apologize to her last night, but she was in bed by the time I got home from my dinner date with Karlo.

I make sure to wake up bright and early. Karlo is still sleeping.

I am having morning sickness, so I make some light and fluffy pancakes. I don’t think any type of eggs will settle right now.

The smell seems to have woken everyone else up. Mom looks in a better mood. I’ll wait until after Angel and Noelle leave for school to talk to her. We all eat breakfast together. Even though we’ve told Dulcie many times to stay off the table, she joins us for breakfast as well.

At 8:00am, I send Angel and Noelle off to school.

I’m showing even more now and as I sit down with mom, she says I am pregnant. I tell her I am. She smiles. Then I go into my apology and she stops me. She says what’s done is done and that she knows I got rid of it. She wants me to promise her I will never do anything like this again. I promise.

When it comes time for work, me and mom go together.

Home from work with mom. I had a good day at work, too.

Dinner was on the table waiting for us. Karlo says he was promoted at work today. He continues that it’s not surprising since he knows more about the company than his boss did.

Before Angel and Noelle go to bed, I let them know that they will be having a brother or sister real soon. Either tomorrow or the following day. I let them each feel my tummy.

Then I tuck them into bed.

Before dad and mom go to bed, I use dad’s computer again to update my social media page. I’m having fun and glad I am getting followers. I also look in on dad’s and see he too is continuing to get more followers. He already posted about a new grandchild of his is on the way. He must have done this when I was at work. Dad is so funny.

After, I get ready for bed and lay next to my husband. My husband. I never really would have thought that a high school friend of mine would be my husband some day.

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