1.10: Is Everything Okay?

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 10: Is Everything Okay?

Zoe had woken up and noticed she had slept the night away with Andrew. They had a fun evening and one thing led to another. While he was still sleeping, she got up, got dressed and slipped out.

Andrew and Zoe’s relationship becomes intimate. She would spend nights at his place. He would spend nights at hers. It was one evening when she had to talk to him.

Zoe: I went to the doctor’s today.
Andrew: Is everything okay?
Zoe: Well, I have been feeling sick and had my suspicions what was wrong.
Andrew: Zoe, is everything okay?
Zoe: I’m pregnant.
Andrew: Wait, what?
Zoe: I’m pregnant.
Andrew: How did this happen? I mean… I know HOW it happened. I just thought we were careful.
Zoe: It was the first night we slept together. It has to be. We were both drunk and silly. I’m scared, Andrew. I don’t know what to do.

Andrew embraces Zoe.

Andrew: It’s going to be okay. I was hoping for this one day. This just threw me for a surprise.
Zoe: Me too.
Andrew: Do you want to have it?
Zoe: I do. I’ve always wanted a little girl.
Andrew: Zoe?
Zoe: Yes?
Andrew: We’re going to be parents.

The two hug each other again.

Andrew asked Zoe to move in with him. J was excited for the two of them that he helped them move. Andrew’s place was no longer a bachelor pad. It was now a home for two with a third on the way. Andrew tried to make the best of the situation while they both continued to work at their jobs.

Andrew wanted to do the right thing. He loved Zoe. And with their child on the way, he knew he had to make a choice. One evening, he grabbed Zoe and pulled her into the living room.

Andrew: We need to talk.

Zoe didn’t like the sounds of that, but she let him continue.

Andrew: We’ve been through a lot together and now you’re going to be the mother of my child.

Andrew bent down on one knee, reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring.

Andrew: Zoe, will you do me the honor and be my wife?

Zoe teared up with joy and accepted.

Instead of planning a wedding, they decided to elope, but invited their close friends. With the baby on the way, they didn’t want to spend all the time planning on wedding preparations. Planning for the baby was more important.

Being a fitness buff, Andrew also started mentoring his new wife in fitness. They both wanted to have a nice healthy baby. Don was there to give morale support.

Zoe’s tummy was getting bigger as the months went on. Only a few more months and their child would be born. Andrew constantly wanted to feel her stomach and feel the baby’s movement.

Late one evening before bed, Andrew was watching the news on tv. Zoe was sleeping. The past couple weeks have been brutal. Zoe has been going to the hospital constantly thinking she was having the baby. But it was always a false alarm.

Tonight was no different. Zoe woke up swearing she was going to have the baby.

Zoe: Andrew. Please. Let’s go. It feels like this baby is going to come right now.
Andrew (getting up from the couch): Coming Zoe dear.

Before Andrew turned off the tv, he noticed there was a report of a missing teenager in Granite Falls. Her name was Amanda Nelson. She had wandered off during a family vacation and is now missing.

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