#BuildNewcrest: Day 72

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 72 (Household Income: §45,427)

Two exciting things in my life happed yesterday. Angel and Noelle grew up into beautiful children and I got married alongside my sis and bro.

Good morning. Today is Monday. Angel and Noelle start their first day of school. And it’s back to work for me.

Dad and mom are already up. I go into their bedroom to use dad’s computer. I see I already have some followers on my social media page. I post about what happened yesterday.

Then I visit dad’s page. He has over 60,500 followers. Amazing. I hope most of them decide to also follow me when dad won’t be able to post anymore.

At breakfast, I tell Angel and Noelle I hope they have fun on their first day of school. Karlo says he expects good grades from them. I continue to say to them that mom and dad will be at work when they get home, but grandpa will be home when they get off school.

I walk out with Angel and Noelle as they leave for their first day of school.

After they leave, I quickly have to go to the bathroom. I vomit.  I want to say it’s dad’s eggs he made for breakfast, but I really know why I threw up. I’m not going to tell Karlo just yet until I know for sure.

It’s time for work. As I got promoted on the last day I worked, I will let you tag along. I wonder what new things I get to do now.

I find my boss, Giovanni. I thank him again for coming to the wedding. He says he had a lot of fun and was happy to meet my family. I ask him what’s on the agenda for today. He wants me to look for new specimens outside the building. We’re running low on them for experimentation.

I go outside and see a collection of rocks. I begin to collect samples from each until I think I have enough.

All the digging I did made me hungry and it ends up being around 1:00pm, so it’s time for lunch. I notice the coffee machine needs a bit of tinkering with. I don’t drink as much as I used to as a teenager. I thought I would get hooked on it.

I eat lunch. Hopefully I don’t vomit from this.

After lunch, I go back to Giovanni and give him what I found. Most were different crystals. He complimented me on my hard work. He hands me back some of the metals I found and asks me to get an analysis from them.

It took me almost the rest of the day to get this part of the job done.

Before letting Giovanni know I was heading home, I snuck down to the basement. I saw on the work computer this is where they stored the youth potion created from alien DNA. This is what my dad and mom used. I take a few samples.

I head back upstairs and see my boss having his lunch, or dinner. It’s close to 7:00pm, so I let him know I am clocking out. Giovanni tells me to have a good night.

I’m home from work.

I notice the mailbox flag up. Bills are due. I remember back when myself, sis, and bro became teenagers and we broke the bank on our household funds redecorating our rooms. Now I have a steady job along with my husband. Dad and mom work, too.

Dad is playing with Angel and Noelle. Karlo said they had eaten dinner already and there are leftovers in the fridge for me and mom.

After eating, I go online to my social media page and let them know of my day of work. I don’t mention anything about my suspicions, though. If dad saw it, he would make a huge spectacle of it and then Karlo would question me. I want to make sure I’m not actually sick, first.

As the evening draws to a close, I help Karlo tuck in Angel and Noelle.

I take a shower from a long day of work.

Karlo is already in bed and fallen asleep. I go into the kitchen and grab a glass and head back to the bedroom. I get one of the samples of the youth potion and pour it into the glass. I can restart this lifespan time and continue to do so and watch Angel and Noelle grow up to my lifespan. But wouldn’t that be weird and awkward? They would definitely question why I wasn’t aging. But I would love to stay young as long as I can.

I’ll sleep on it and figure this all out tomorrow.

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