#BuildNewcrest: Day 71

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 71 (Household Income: §48,349)

Dad and mom became elders yesterday. I think that means they only have around 10 more days with us. I also started a blog last night as well to continue what my dad has been doing since day 1.

Good morning. Today is the big day. Two exciting things happening. Angel and Noelle grow up to the child lifestage and tonight I’m getting married.

During breakfast, dad was daydreaming and thinking about the wedding. He’s such a funny dad.

While Angel and Noelle played in their bedroom, the rest of us set up the dining room with all sorts of birthday decorations for the two. Karlo was excited for the two to finally grow up.

Then, before lunch, it was time for Angel and Noelle to grow up.

Even though they are twins, Angel was born first. So he was the first to blow out his candles and turn into a handsome young boy.

I put new candles on the cake for Noelle.

Now it’s her time and she turns into a beautiful young girl.

After Angel and Noelle opened their birthday presents, we all sat down at the table for lunch. The toddler high chairs were no longer needed. It is nice having Angel and Noelle being able to eat with us at the table now with the rest of the family.

After celebrating the aging up of Angel and Noelle, it’s prep time for the wedding. Dad spends most of the day in the backyard finishing up the wedding venue he had created as far back as I can remember.

Sis and Patrick along with bro and Anne arrive. I show off Angel and Noelle to sis and bro so they can see their nephew and niece grown up since they last saw them.

Then the adults go over what was discussed a couple days prior about the wedding.

Around 5:30pm, the guests start to arrive. The wedding is at 7:00pm. We have a special surprise for dad and mom. I hope you also enjoy this surprise as well as a guest of honor to our wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony

After the wedding, everyone enjoyed each other’s company at the reception.

Myself, my sis, and my bro sit down together on the couch and have some sibling bonding.

My good friend Steve from high school joins us and I look on at the dinner table as dad and Noelle have some family time with Patrick and Anne.

Dad then plays bartender as the evening draws to a close.

After everyone else left and the rest of the family went to bed, me and my now husband, Karlo, continued to celebrate our wedding.

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