#BuildNewcrest: Day 70

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 70 (Household Income: §48,423)

I proposed to Karlo yesterday and we decided to have the wedding in just a couple days. A lot of planning will need to be done.

Good morning. I wake up to the smell of breakfast.

Dad has made omelettes. He says it’s a special occasion. He says dad and mom get to truly look like grandpa and grandma today as they will become elders. We all sit down and eat. Angel and Noelle can’t have omelettes, so I make them applesauce.

Myself, mom, and Karlo have the day off of work. Dad says he’ll work from home today. Today dad and mom become the elder lifestage and tomorrow Angel and Noelle grow up to the child lifestage. Everything’s happening so quickly.

I notice dad on his phone and he begins to frown. When he hangs up, I ask him what’s wrong. He says that Megs passed away last night due to old age.

I give him a hug. I knew he became good friends with her. I remember her when I was a child.

It was my turn to try my hand at baking. I wanted to bake a cake for dad and mom. I think I did pretty well.

Since they both took that youth potion at the same time, it reset their lifespan to the same time as well, so they both get to age up together. They look just as cute as an old couple.

Dad has me visit him in his and mom’s bedroom. He says now that he’s an old fart, it’s time for me to take over his blogging. He’s going to tell his followers to begin to follow my sims page as well. He will continue to blog until…he can’t anymore.

I have Angel and Noelle play with grandpa while I work out tomorrow’s schedule. It’s going to be a birthday party and wedding all in one day. I have to make sure to get all our friends invited for the wedding. It’s a last minute thing, so I won’t be too disappointed if some won’t be able to show because of work or other functions.

Dad and mom prepare to go to Megs funeral in the evening hours. I’m glad Angel and Noelle were able to cheer him up for some time.

While dad and mom are gone at the funeral, I use dad’s computer and get a social media profile started. I share the link to my dad’s profile page so visitors can get to it faster.

I’m going to bed early tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. Karlo says he will put Angel and Noelle to bed and join me shortly. I’m not sure what time dad and mom will be home. Have a good night.

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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 70”

  • Oh so sorry to see that Megs passed away in the story. Jog to heaven dear Megs. Joseph and Clare look great as elders. The take photo together is a great shot of them. So much is happening at once. And so much planning for Jubilee to do.

  • Megs died? How sad. Come to think of it… it was sad when July died too. I might actually cry when Cathy dies. I’ve gotten quite attached to her in my Simself story. I think the purple is a nice touch for Sims’ funerals.

    Hooray! I’m caught up. I can’t wait to see the wedding venue. Also yay Jubilee is taking over the blogging. And Joseph and Clare are nice looking elders.

    • I agree. Seeing sim selfies pass away in stories is hard. I’m not looking forward to my own sim selfie passing away in my own story.

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