#BuildNewcrest: Day 69

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 69 (Household Income: §44,430)

I made a contribution to the building of Newcrest yesterday. My dad had created a Community Park. I created a couple lower class housing for family. Bro and his girlfriend moved into one of them.

I wake up and sit on the bed. It’s early morning. Overnight, I dreamt that I got married to Karlo in the backyard. Sis and Patrick were already married with kids and so was bro and Anne. Am I taking this as a sign? I shouldn’t wait for Karlo to propose to me, but maybe I should propose to him? I’m going to do it.

I wake dad and mom up and tell them I’m going to propose to Karlo. Dad asks me if I am sure. I say yes. Then he gives me one of his spare rings and mom gives me a hug.

I go wake Karlo up. I give him some time to actually wake up. He asks if something is wrong. I tell him I need to ask him something.

Then I do it. I ask Karlo to marry me.

At that very same time at the Police Station!

Dad and mom were outside the door and watched the whole thing. They came in and we did a lot of hugging between each other. I think mom was so excited about me proposing she forgot about her sleepwear attire. But I don’t think Karlo paid attention either.

After the congratulating and dad being excited about being able to use the backyard wedding venue he has been setting up, my phone buzzed stating I got a text message.

I check it out to see who texted me. It was bro. He wrote, “Guess who’s getting married?” What? This freaked me out. How did he know I just proposed to Karlo. Dad and mom didn’t have their phones on them. And the only others in the house are Angel, Noelle, and the cat. I text back, “How did you know?” He replies with, “Uh, cause I asked her and she said yes.” No way. I tell the others that bro just asked Anne to marry him. I text him the same thing, “Guess who’s getting married?” He responds back with, “LOL! ME!” And I reply to that with, “Me too!” I get “?” back from him. I tell him that I also recently proposed to Karlo.

Then my phone rings. It’s bro. He thinks I am joking and that’s why he calls. I tell him it’s no joke. I tell him it must be some kind of twins and triplets thing. We congratulate each other while freaked out. It’s a good kind of freaking out now, though.

I ask him what time he gets off work and he says at 6:00pm. My newly fiance gets off at 5:oopm. I know sis has the day off from work. I’ll have to ask her what time Patrick gets off. I tell bro to come over after work. I ask him if he texted sis already and he says yes. I tell him not to mention me. I want to surprise her later.

Soon enough I have the house to myself with my 2 little ones. Karlo, dad, and mom have all gone to work. I call work and take a vacation day so I can be home when my sis and bro show up. I tell my boss, Giovanni, why I was calling out from work and he says that was a perfectly acceptable excuse.

I sit down in the living room with Angel and Noelle. I found a book to read to them for awhile. Angel didn’t have any of his toys with him this time and he looks like he enjoys the book this time.

I spend the whole day with my two cute ones.

Soon everyone is getting home from work. I asked mom if she could leave work early and sis told me earlier while the kids were eating that Patrick would get off work at 6:00pm. So that is when we all decided to meet up. We all eat dinner together again. One big happy family.

After dinner, I ask dad if he could show Angel and Noelle the Community Park. Then I convince mom to go with him. I wanted to be left alone with the others without clearly stating it.

When dad and mom leave with the kids, I tell sis that Karlo proposed to me. Sis was very excited that all 3 of us are engaged.

I want sis and bro in my wedding and that is why I invited them over. I remind them that dad and mom become elderly tomorrow. We should have the wedding within the next 7 days. Karlo asks why not this weekend? That will really be a surprise. Oh, if we do it Sunday on the day the Angel and Noelle move out of the toddler life stage, that might make it special for them too to see mom and dad get married on their birthday. The others say they will make it work.

I go more into details with them about the wedding. I’m sorry I cannot go into details with you about it. I want it to be special for you as it will be for dad and mom.

Dad and mom finally arrive home with Angel and Noelle. With everyone present, I tell them that we’re having a wedding in just a couple days in the backyard. Dad becomes pumped up and does a cheer. All of us laugh.

It’s going to be a busy next 2 days. I’m not sure how much I am going to be able to sleep, but I am going to try. Have a good night.

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