1.9: Going So Well

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 9: Going So Well

The next day, Andrew called up J.

J: Hey, bro. How’d the date go?
Andrew: Liberty was really nice. We had a great time.
J: So, do we have a winner?
Andrew: There are no winners or losers, J.
J (chuckling over the phone): Except for your mail carrier.
Andrew: Not funny.
J: Okay, okay. So, are you interested in going out with one of them again?
Andrew: Actually, yes. I wanted to sleep on it after my date with Liberty. And when I woke up this morning, all I could think about was… Zoe.
J: I knew it! I think she likes you as well. She told me all about the dinner you two had.
Andrew: I got some other good news as well.
J: Yeah?
Andrew: My work left me a message. They want me to start personal training some of the athletes.
J: That’s great news. In fact, I’m at the gym now if you want to stop by.
Andrew: I’m about to head off to work. Probably going to be my last day cleaning up after them.
J: Congratulations, bro. Will talk to you later then.
Andrew: Bye.

Over the next few weeks, Andrew had gone out on more dates with Zoe.

Andrew and Zoe soon became boyfriend and girlfriend. Zoe was so excited when he asked her at his doorstep.

Andrew also started to mentor J Huntington and be a personal trainer for him during the time he wasn’t being one for the local sports teams.

Andrew enjoyed that his life was going so well at this point in time of his life. He had a girlfriend, a best friend, and a good job.

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