#BuildNewcrest: Day 68 (part 2)

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 68 – Part 2 of 3 (Household Income: §39,691)

Side Note: This chapter is told from the point of view from Generation 2 spare Joseph Simself Jr. who is the brother of the Simself Legacy heir, Jubilee Simself. The direction he is speaking is to his family for which we left off the last chapter when Jubilee asked him how his time went during Basic Training. When reading, imagine yourself in the living room listening to his story.

When we both went outside and you gave me that hug, I had that feeling I was going to miss you and Hope. But I knew you were heir and it was your time to shine.

It didn’t take me long to get myself to Oasis Springs. That’s where the Basic Training Camp was. The Training Camp wasn’t really to get us pumped and into shape. That was only part of it. The concept was to prepare us for anything that comes our way.

I was excited to meet new people. I heard these will be my colleagues I would be working with at the Police Station when Basic Training was over with.

I found the Commanding Officer and reported in. Boy was he strict. He told me his name was Commander Biggs and to put any crap I brought along in the barracks and to join up with everyone else in the mess hall. They’ve all been waiting on me to arrive. I didn’t think I was late.

There were two bunks left. Both by the main entrance doors. I sit down for a moment’s rest.

Then I made my way to the mess hall. When I got there, it was almost like school. All the women were at one table and the guys at another.

I sat down with the other guys. One of them said, “Look, we’ve got a cupcake.” I didn’t know what that meant, but I introduced myself as Junior. Then he said, “Hey, Junior cupcake.” And the two started to laugh.

This was when I met Anne. She got up from her table and walked over to ours. She told me to ignore the two plumheads and introduced herself. The other two ignored us and went to talking about themselves.

Then Commander Biggs comes in and Anne went back to her table. The Commander looked and said, “Isn’t this cute. Boys at one table, girls at the other. Not on my team!  Everyone here will be working together, eating together, and sleeping together. And I don’t mean in the same bunk. If I catch any of that, I’ll kick your ass and throw you out. There were suppose to be 8 of you, but one sissyboy backed out, which is fine by me because I don’t want anyone who can’t meet my standards to be here. So, the door is right behind me if anyone else wants to join the sissyboy.”

No one moved. Then the Commander said he was going to do roll-call and everyone should remember each others names.






Vanberg, Linsdy

Vanberg, Melissa

The Commander brought us all outside and started us off with exercising.  He ordered everyone to do sit ups, but Gidian decided to do push ups.

Which the Commander called him out on it. He told Gidian he was the first who gets toilet cleaning duty before lights out. He told everyone else to make sure they make a mess.

Throughout the day, we had more exercise training and a few team building training talks in the mess hall.

At dinner, I sat down next to Anne. She asked me if I am the same Simself that belongs to the family that is taking part in the building of the new area of Newcrest. I told her yes and that Jubilee is my sister. We get to know each more.

That evening before lights out, I think we all enjoyed Gidian having to clean the toilets. He was acting like a jerk all day. Except to his buddy, Smith.

Then at 10:00pm, it was lights out. We would be getting up at 5:00am the next morning.

And when 5:00am did roll around the next day, there the Commander was ready in his sleepwear getting us all up. He told us to change and meet him in the gym.

In the gym, he talks about yoga. It’s good for the mind, body, and spirit.

He has each of us do about 20 minutes of yoga.

Then it’s breakfast.

And after, more exercising until lunch.

I’ve really been getting to know Anne all day. We did yoga and exercising together. I thought we were getting to be really good friends. I did a little flirting at lunch to see how she would react. Of course, Gidian noticed and started making fun of us.

After lunch, the Commander said we could take some rest and relaxation time. Anne was fed up with Gidian, so she challenged him to a game of basketball. Herself and me versus him and whoever he chooses. Winners would get the sauna later that night. He told her to bring it on and chose his pal, Smith. I swear those two were having a bromance. They constantly hung out together since I arrived.

It was a hot day. We played until one team scored 5 baskets. Anne made the 5th basket first before the other guys could.

Gidian said she cheated. How can you cheat at throwing or blocking a ball? Anne told him we won fair and square and that he’s just a poor loser who might want to go home and cry to his mommy. That made him mad and a fight ensued.

And who was the winner again? Yep. Anne showed him a thing or two. I was hoping he’d leave us alone after that.

Smith was shocked Gidian got beat up by a woman. Me? I think I was in love.

Side Note: I had envisioned two endings to this fight. One for Gidian winning, one for Charming. I will tell my readers that if Gidian did win the fight (Charming won it autonomously) that I would have kept the bullying from Gidian for the rest of the chapter, but the same outcome at the end between Junior and Anne. 

After more classes in the mess hall from the Commander, it was time for the rock climbing. The Commander gave us an example of how the rock climbing machine worked.

Then each of us were to see how long we could last. The panel next to it would give us the time. There were three machines. When Anne and myself approached 2 of them, she gave Gidian a look as if he wanted a rematch, but he looked away. One of the Vanberg sisters took the 3rd one. I took my shirt off as we took to the rock climbers. I knew we were going to work up a sweat.

As we were climbing, I noticed Anne almost fall off and told her she’s got this and hang on.

And she made a nice recovery.

Side Note: For some reason, Junior wanted to change activewear than what I had him in. I had already taken the screenshot of the Commander climbing. So I revised the story a bit so it made sense seeing him wear his shirt in one shot and shirtless in another. More eye candy for your viewing pleasure.

In the end after the Commander totalled up everyone’s times, the women overpowered the men and they celebrated their victory. The Commander applauded them and I even gave them a shout out. I didn’t want to be a poor sport like Gidian.

Later that evening, Anne and myself went to go use the sauna. But as we got to the door, we saw something we couldn’t unsee. Gidian and Smith were in there, but Gidian was buck naked. And it looked like he was trying to get Smith to untowel himself. Out loud Anne said there was no way in plum she was going to get in the sauna after seeing that. I had to agree.

Commander Biggs was nearby and asked what was going on. I explained to him about the game. I didn’t go into the bit about the fight, but I did say that Gidian was a poor loser in the end. And then I told him to look in the sauna.

When he looked at what we saw, he was furious. He walked into the sauna and without even hesitation seeing a naked Gidian, he tells both of them to get the plum out of the sauna. What they do on their own time is their business, but not on his time which they are on. He tells them not only will they be cleaning the toilets tonight, but they will also be scrubbing down the sauna in the morning.

The Commander came back out and told us he is going to do something that he has not done before and hopes we don’t make him regret doing it. He tells us in his private bunker there is a jacuzzi. We are free to use it if we don’t do any hanky panky stuff in it. He’s noticed us two spending a lot of time together and still keeping it professional. We promised.

We assumed the Commander was going to have us relax in the jacuzzi in a set of our sleepwear as we only had the robes we were wearing and a towel for after showering… or using the sauna. We were not expected to bring any swimwear with us.

We were adults and agreed we could handle each other being naked. Afterall, we just saw Gidian. But we also agreed with each other no hanky panky.

While relaxing, we got to talking more. The next day would be our last day at Basic Training. Then it’s working shifts at the Police Station. I told Anne that I moved out of my parents and sister’s house so I would be homeless for a short while. She said I could stay with her. I asked her where she lived. She said she still lived at home with her parents as well. I told her I really didn’t want to be a burden. I don’t mind sleeping outside for a night or two. Anne would have none of that, though. She told me she’d saved up plenty of simoleons since she was a teenager. Too bad mine went to the family, I thought. She said we could find a cheap place to live together for now. Maybe an apartment in San Myshuno. I told her that was not necessary. She said she wanted to. It’s time she moves out on her own herself. And wouldn’t take no for an answer.

I looked at her and said, “Will you be my girlfriend?” Anne laughed. I spoke again. “Ms. Charming. I’m no kidder. I would be honored if you’d be my girlfriend. I really like you a lot. She smiled at me and blew me a kiss.

This morning when the Commander woke us up at 5:00am, my phone was buzzing. I had a text message. It was from Hope. She had written, “I’M ENGAGED!” I texted her back congratulating her and that Patrick is a lucky guy. Then I texted you Juju, dad, and mom. I wanted to let you all know I was going to stop by after Basic Training tonight. I wanted to say hi to my family as myself and Anne look for a small home or apartment.

We concluded our Basic Training late this afternoon. We stopped by Anne‘s house first and she introduced the parents to her boyfriend. That’s how I knew we were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

And now I’m home introducing all of you to my girlfriend!




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