#BuildNewcrest: Day 68 (part 1)

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 68 – Part 1 of 3 (Household Income: §39,691)

Last night sis moved out. Now it’s just me, Karlo, Angel, Noelle, dad, and mom. Oh, and Dulcie.

It’s around 7:00am. When I get up, I see I have 2 text messages. Both from my sis and bro.

I open the one from sis first. She must miss me so much she had to text me after they left. When I open it, in all caps it reads, “I’M ENGAGED!” Then she goes on to tell when they arrived on their floor and got off the elevator to their apartment, Patrick bent down on one knee and pulled out a ring and proposed. I immediately text her back congratulating her.

Then I open up bro’s. He’s stopping by later tonight for a quick visit. He’s been house hunting and wanted to come by and say hi. Then he adds at the end that sis got engaged. I’m glad I didn’t open this first. That would have been a horrible spoiler from bro.

During breakfast, the talk of the table is sis and Patrick. Dad and mom are really excited. I am too. Dad volunteered to toddler sit again, so he was going to see if he could get ahold of her or Patrick and see if they have a date planned out yet. He knew the perfect location for the wedding.

Then we moved the conversation topic to bro. He was looking for a home. Dad suggested he could move back in. There’s an unfinished basement that needs to get done. It would give him something else to do in-between work and grandchildren sitting he says.

I cut him off and tell him that I’ve really done nothing to contribute to this part of Newcrest yet. Maybe it’s time to expand. I suggest perhaps building homes for others to live in. Bro could move back to Newcrest but have his own place to live. Dad looks surprised. Then he nods and agrees. He says I need to be the one to take the initiative, however. I should speak with the builders and contractors. Afterall, I am heir.

Before work, I do just that. I call up who I need to. Dad helped with that. I tell them I want 2 low-income houses built and give them the locations. I ask if at least 1 could be done by the end up the day. They don’t see a problem with it.

Then I change and go to work with mom.

I’m home. And I have some wonderful news that came from it. My boss, Giovanni, promoted me.

As I enter through the door, I see bro sitting on the couch. He’s with a woman. Bro says hi to me and introduces her as his girlfriend. Her name is Anne. I say hi to her.

Dad says dinner is ready and everyone grabs a plate and sits back down in the living room. Angel and Noelle already ate, Karlo tells me. He puts them in their bedroom to play.

While we are eating, I ask bro to tell me all about his Basic Training.



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6 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 68 (part 1)”

  • I’m actually caught up. Wow! It’s a nice easy read, which I love. It’s more fun and simple.

    Sad that bro and sis moved out, but it has to come to an end at some point. It’ll be exciting to have her bro move back in the neighborhood. We’ll probably see more of him. 🙂 And his girlfriend. 🙂

    And Karla and Juju just need to get to know each other. That’ll come in time. 😀

    • Don’t let @pronterus see you calling him Karla. 😀
      I know it was a typo, but was a funny one at that!

      Yeah, focus has to be on the heir. But I’ve got attached to Hope and Junior as well. It sucks!

  • I think it’s great that Juju is going to build Junior a home in Newcrest. That’s a great idea. And Junior has a girlfriend now….and Hope and Patrick are engaged. Looks like there might be more than one wedding in that backyard! Woot!

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