#BuildNewcrest: Day 67

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 67 (Household Income: §33,346)

I planned a date night with Karlo last night and I think it went well. He opened up a little again. I need to work on him to do that everyday now that we live together.

It’s 7:00am. I wake Angel and Noelle up. These two have been sound sleepers lately. That’s a good thing. I remember when myself and bro would wake up with nightmares of monsters under our bed. These two must take after sis as she didn’t.

No eggs and bacon this morning. Dad has gone back to making breakfast now that bro has moved out. And he’s making his usual fruit and yogurt parfait. He even made some for Angel and Noelle.

Then it’s another round of potty training for Angel and Noelle. Dad said the two did very well yesterday when he was toddler sitting. Maybe one more day after today and they’ll start going on their own without assistance.

Dad doesn’t have the day off again, but he is allowed to work from home, so he said he would toddler sit again. I bet Angel and Noelle love their grandpa. I know he loves them everytime he talks about them.

I’m heading off to work with mom. I’ll see you again when I get home.

My boss, Giovanni, gave me another staff member. An intern to be exact. I wanted to put them to the test, so I threw them in on a big project and they stepped up to the plate. Even Giovanni was impressed. I hope this means a promotion soon.

Karlo already fed Angel and Noelle when he got home from work. I decide to sit them down and read to them. I was reading about a glow worm that turned into a butterfly. Angel was too busy with his dragon toy, but Noelle paid attention to my story.

When I finish reading to Noelle, she is yawning and ready for bed.

I tell Angel he can stay up one more hour, but then it’s bedtime.

The rest of the family has already eaten dinner, but dad has saved leftovers for me. As I’m eating, sis tells me she is moving out tonight to move in with Patrick finally in San Myshuno. They have gone out on a few more dates since the day of the Yuletide. She says she has fallen in love with him and she thinks he also loves her. I’m very happy for sis.

After finishing eating and talking to sis about the apartment moving, I go put Angel to bed.

Patrick comes over to pick up sis. I give her a big hug.

Karlo is already sleeping, so I quietly tuck myself in. This house is not going to be the same without bro and now sis gone.

After Hope and Patrick arrive at their new apartment together!

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