#BuildNewcrest: Day 65

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 65 (Household Income: §24,892)

Karlo moved in yesterday and decided to be a father to his twins, Angel and Noelle. Our 2 kids also grew up to toddlers and they are cuter than ever.

As I’m dreaming about my bro being in law enforcement…

I wake up to Karlo next to me. Before we were just friends. Now we’re friends with benefits. And those benefits are Angel and Noelle.

I check up on Angel and Noelle. They are still sleeping.

I can smell breakfast. Bro is in the kitchen as usual. I go visit him. He tells me I am going to have to learn how to make his awesomeness eggs, yes he used that word, because today is his last day making breakfast for them.

I tell him “it’s a shame the chicken is leaving the coop” in a jokingly manner. His response was “touche”. I’m going to miss my bro.

As bro was putting breakfast on the table, I got everyone else up and told them breakfast was ready.

I didn’t want Angel and Noelle having eggs, so I made them cereal.

And we all ate breakfast together.

Bro said he has to attend basic training today and tomorrow. Then Wednesday he will start his actual position as a Corporal. He’s excited and I am happy for him.

It’s a little before 9:00am and he’s got his basic training uniform on and heading out. I go outside alone with him and give him a big bro hug. I tell him I am going to miss him and he better stay in touch on his phone. He promises.

Side Note: I gave Joseph Jr. the career of detective where he’ll work at a police station. I didn’t plan ahead well enough to realize he didn’t start for another two days, so I improvised to fit the storyline I had put in place in my head. So if you play the game, there is no basic training or police academy.

It’s my turn to go to work. Karlo and sis will be toddler sitting as dad and mom have to work today as well. Since I was promoted at work last time I came home, I’ll let you tag along and see the new stuff I get to do.

Giovanni is still my boss. I check in with him. He tells me I should find my staff waiting for me. I have staff now. How cool is that? He tells me I should have them work in the garden area.

This is Mizuki. A Lab Technician like I used to be for a couple days. There’s no bonsai trees to work on, so I have her water some of the plants we’ll be using for experimentation purposes.

Since my new job title is Serum Sequencer, I go to the chemistry lab to mix synthetic food serum before lunch. This must be how the youth potions were made. Maybe I can collect all the needed ingredients and make my own.

Then it’s lunch time.

Giovanni says he has one final project for me that will take me the rest of the day. He hands me a set of instructions and sends me to the invention lab. He wants me to create a Momentum Conserver for our location.

I wish Patrick was here. He’d be able to help me get this done in no time.

I work hard and steadily.

I finish an hour before my shift is over. I find Giovanni and let him know. He is so impressed, he lets me go home early if I want.

It was my turn to call mom and let her know I am waiting outside. She says she is on her way. She can get off a little early as well.

And I’m home from work.

I see the mail carrier arrived. So I go check it out.

Dad and Karlo fed Angel and Noelle already. The two are playing in their bedroom with sis.

Dad makes dinner. I notice the empty chair. Bro would be sitting there. I wonder how his first day of basic training is going.

I tuck Noelle in while Karlo tucks Angel into bed.

I am grateful that Karlo decided to move in to help with Angel and Noelle. But what about us? I think I am going to ask him out tomorrow. I don’t even know much about him except what we talked about in school. We need a date night.

Have a good night.



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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 65”

  • The twins are soooo cute! Great “training” outfit for Junior. I was surprised that there was no military career in the Sims 4, but, good move on the police career. The empty chair in the last shot is kind of sad. Yes, absolutely, date night for Juju and Karlo.

  • What an interesting and strange situation to have to get to know the father of your kids after they’re born! Looking forward to their date.

    • I guess that’s what happens if you have a one night stand. I’m looking forward to their date as well. 🙂

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