#BuildNewcrest: Day 64

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 64 (Household Income: §28,764)

Karlo was told he was the father of Angel and Noelle. He didn’t show any type of emotion for me to know if he wants to be involved in his kids’ life or not. But he told me he would give an answer soon.

I wake up to hearing mom crying. The tv is still on and some infomercials are running. I look at the time and it’s 4:15am.

I go into dad and mom’s bedroom and he is hugging her. Nothing is wrong with Angel and Noelle it looks like. I ask what is wrong. Dad says Cathy just called her and informed her that July has passed away. She died of old age. They were in the Page Turners book club together.

Mom’s crying did make Noelle start to cry, so I comforted her while dad comforted mom. Luckily Angel is being an angel and still sleeping.

When it came time for breakfast, bro has some news. He tells all of us that tomorrow he will be leaving for the Police Academy. He’s been talking to people online and looking up material.

Sis chimes in and says she also plans to be roommates with Patrick in San Myshuno. But she will wait a few days.

Sis is the only one that works today. So I wish her luck and say that I hope her day goes by fast. I don’t think I’d want to work in a hospital.

Everyone pitches in to help take down the Yuletide decorations. I help dad take down the tree and all its ornaments.

A little after noon time, dad and mom get ready for July‘s funeral. They dress in purple because when a sim dies and the grim reaper appears, there is purple light that shines from the sim representing their spirit.

I give them both hugs.

As bro helps me take care of Angel of Noelle, I ask him why he is joining the Police Academy. He tells me that he likes working with the public when he was at his retail job as a teenager. But he doesn’t want to be doing that all the time. There’s no pizazz to it. Being in law enforcement would have something different all the time. And maybe one day he could be a detective.

My bro is a cool guy. I think he would be great in law enforcement.

It’s around 3:00pm. Angel and Noelle are sound asleep. I’m watching tv with bro when there’s a knock on the door. “Did dad and mom forget their keys?” I say to my bro with a chuckle. When I get to the door, it’s Karlo. I invite him in.

“I did it it!” He exclaims. He says he turned over his simoleon account to his parents and told them to do whatever they would like with it. He says he explained the whole situation with them. He wants to be a part of his children’s life.

I take him over to where Angel and Noelle are. He picks up Noelle this time and cuddles her. I ask him if it’s okay for me to ask when he decided to make the bold move. He says my sis, Hope, was part of it. She called him last night and said he needs to be a man and step up. He’s a father now and take responsibility being one. That made him think harder.

I explain to Karlo that dad and mom went to a funeral earlier and hopefully should be home soon. Myself and bro were watching a movie, so he watches it with us until we finally do hear dad and mom walk in the door.

Karlo tells my dad the same thing he told me. Then dad shakes his hand and says, “welcome to the family”. Then he smiles and says we need to renovate the house to make more room.

It took the whole day to get our new home renovated, but it looks fantastic.

We got rid of the cowplant. But added some planters for dad to continue his freelance botanist hobby.

Since sis and bro are moving out tomorrow, their bedrooms were removed. I decorated my bedroom that Karlo will be sleeping in as well. I hope he likes pink. Dad and mom still had their own bedroom. As Angel and Noelle are turning into toddlers shortly, we went ahead and built them their bedroom they will be sharing.

Dad had created an unfinished basement for future generations or myself and Karlo want to do something with it.

My sis got home from work just in time to see Angel and Noelle become toddlers. And she got to see the new house.

First to age up is Angel as he was the first born of the twins.

Then Noelle becomes a toddler.

At dinner, I notice this could be our last dinner together as a family with my bro and sis. The household is not going to be the same without them.

Around 10:00pm, Karlo and I put Angel and Noelle to bed.

Sis and bro sleep on the sofas in the living room tonight.

Then myself and Karlo go to bed ourselves. Together. Dad says no funny business in the bedroom. I think he forgets I am an adult now. Well, a young adult. Good night.

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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 64”

  • Yeah for Karlo and yeah for Hope calling him and telling him off. And the twins are super cute! Can’t wait to see what trait you rolled for them. Yes, one big happy family, for today at least. And Joseph being the dad…no funny business….umm…that talk should have been BEFORE the twins…lol I think that Joseph may need to work on that wedding area a bit more. I see someone’s wedding in the future….!!!

    • If you want to know the traits without trying to guess…. ask me on the sims community forums. I’ll put it in a spoiler tag for you. 😉

  • Karlo’s face when he walks in the door is priceless. Awww… Hope intervened and called him. Haha… no funny business. Really, Joseph? They’ve got twins… who are adorable.

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