#BuildNewcrest: Day 63

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 63 (Household Income: §28,386)

I went into labor yesterday and had not just one child, but two. Twins. I named them Angel and Noelle.

It’s around 1:00am and I’m up taking care of Angel and Noelle. I only got about 2 hours of sleep since my last waking up. Mom’s been a big help too. But she looks as tired as I am.

I can smell eggs and bacon. I look at the time and it’s close to 8:00am. Bro is up cooking breakfast. I wonder how well he slept on that small couch last night. I go into the kitchen to thank him for switching sleeping arrangements. He said it was no problem for his sis.

Mom helps me roll the bassinets into the dining room before we eat breakfast. She says I need to watch the babies all the time unless there is someone else around to watch them.

As we eat, dad says I need to invite the father over and we have to have a talk. Especially since the father doesn’t know he is a father yet. And then we need to go into this heir discussion as there are rules that myself and the father need to follow if we want to remain in this part of Newcrest and continue building the surrounding areas.

I turn to my sis and ask her about her date with Patrick went last night. She says the he is a wonderful and smart man. He just moved into an apartment in San Myshuno and is looking for a roommate. She thinks she’s going to take him up on it.

Then she asks dad and mom if that would be okay. Dad says that she and bro can move out of Newcrest, but I can’t. Since the community chose me as heir, I have to remain here. But reminds me I can venture out to the Magnolia Promenade shopping district.

After dad leaves for work, I make that call he wanted me to, to the the babies daddy. I even say the same words as my dad did that “we need to talk”. I tell him we can’t discuss this over the phone and that my dad wants to talk to him as well. I think he was scared in his tone of voice.

All the while I wait for the big talk, mom and sis help me with Angel and Noelle. Sis also has the day off from work.

Bro enjoys being around the twins until it’s time to clean the babies up or feed them. He’s been doing a lot of internet research since we got out of high school. And today he continues to do so. But he won’t tell us what he is researching yet.

When 2:00pm rolls around, dad comes home from work. About a half hour later there is a knock on the door. It’s Karlo. I invite him in.

We sit down in the living room, first. I want to talk to him first before dad does. I tell him he is a dad.

His reaction was not surprising.

I ask him if he wants to see his twins. I tell him their names are Angel and Noelle. They were born yesterday, the day of the Yuletide. That is how I got their names.

Karlo holds Angel for a little bit, but puts him back in the bassinet. He’s got a good poker face. I don’t know what he is feeling.

We go back to the living room. Dad comes in and sits down, too. He tells Karlo he has two options.

He can let me be a single mom and the family will help take care of Angel and Noelle or he can be the father he is meant to be and help take care of them with the help of our family. If he moves in with us and takes on that role, he has to follow our Newcrest rules that were set in place when dad took on the initial responsibilities. He can keep his job, but he must give up everything else. Any personal belongings and income, he must give away. He starts fresh and new coming into the family.

Karlo says he needs to think about it. Dad says that is completely fine, but not to take too long. Karlo said he would have a decision tomorrow. Dad smiled and said tomorrow night is when the twins become toddlers, so a decision then would be ideal.

I tell dad and mom I need to be alone after Karlo leaves. They saw I was upset and ask if I want to talk about it. I tell them no. Even sis asks if I want to talk to her. I still say no.

I go to my room and sit on my bed. I just sit there. I begin to daydream of the night of the birthday party.

I remember Karlo joking and laughing with me about politics and other stuff. We were hitting it off. That evening after midnight, I asked sis if she could sleep elsewhere because Karlo was going to come over and we were going to talk more. But we ended up doing more than just talking. The next morning everything went back to normal.

Now I have twins with him and he’s not sure if he wants to play the role of dad or not.

I can hear sis through the walls. She’s talking real loud to someone on her phone. I hope everything is okay between her and Patrick.

I lie down and cry myself to sleep.

When I wake up it’s dark outside. It’s around 11:00pm? I can’t believe I slept this long. Everyone else seems to be in bed. The bassinets are in mom and dad’s room. I peek in and even Angel and Noelle are sleeping.

I grab some yogurt from the fridge.

Then I watch tv until I doze off again.

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10 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 63”

    • He had the highest bars combined between friendship and romance. Your sim selfie was second, SimGuru Steve’s was third, and SimGuru Argus’ was last. Even after I forced Argus to talk to Jubilee, he had a crush on a dude. The game can be hilarious sometimes.

  • Oh yah! I knew it! Karlo is the Dad! And now he has doubts? Oh, I hope he will make the right choice and be with Juju. Why does he even have to think about it? Oh….sad times for Juju and Hope is going to move in with Patrick, but then that have a fight on the phone? Or maybe she called Karlo and told him to get his priorities straight. I wonder what Junior is researching? This is not a good day for the family. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day.

  • Well, I had my two guesses, and I was right on the one, but then when Patrick came to the door dating Hope….I was like….oh no….it’s going to be one of those twisted triangle plots. Not in this generation anyway. lol

  • Ha! I knew it! Good job on the reveal and drawing it out. >:|

    Anyway, we now know. I think he’ll accept. But if he doesn’t, it’ll be interesting for awhile. At least his parents took the aging potion so they could help out. Smart idea on their part. Was that a whim or did you do that on your own whim?

    • I did that on my own. No whim. I didn’t want Angel and Noelle growing up without knowing their grandpa and grandma.

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