#BuildNewcrest: Day 62

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 62 (Household Income: §28,065)

The day ended sort of on a good note yesterday. I got a promotion at work and dad was talking to me. Oh, and my sis has a boyfriend but never told me who he was.

Good morning! Today is Yuletide Day. It happens every 350ish plus days. This baby inside me wants to come out I think.

I’m not the first to be awake. I see mom and dad up already putting presents under the tree. What are they wearing? Those sweaters! Not a very good fashion sense. I wonder if they know that?

Dad walks over to me with a gift and smiles. Happy Yuletide he says and hands me a present. He tells me I should open it now. I open it up and it’s a sweater like theirs. He tells me to go put it on before breakfast.

I go back to my room and change. Seriously? He wants me to wear this all day? He must be in a silly mood today. That’s good though. But this sweater is embarrassing.

I can hear my bro making breakfast, so I go into the kitchen. I guess it’s ugly sweater day. He’s wearing one too.

When he sees me he comments I look so adorable and then snickers.

I point at him and tell him “I’m not the one with a snowman on my shirt hotstuff”. We both get a good laugh.

He goes back to cooking. I ask him what he’s making and he said it’s an omelet surprise.

We enjoy a good breakfast together.

After breakfast, dad and mom say they have another gift for me waiting in my bedroom. They must have put it in there when I was talking to bro because no presents were in there when I woke up or changed.

In my room is a bassinet. And it’s pink. Mom says she didn’t know what gender the baby was and since she knew my favorite color is pink, they got me a pink one.

Both dad and mom give me a hug.

This must have excited the baby because my water breaks. I need to go to the hospital.

As much as I love mom, I want dad to go to the hospital with me. Although we’ve been on good terms today because of the holiday, I can see he is still upset when he sees my tummy. Maybe if he’s the first to see the baby and know he’s going to be a grandpa, he’ll be happy for me and the baby.

As I am laying in the conception contraption, dad looks down at me and says everything is going to be okay.

His good friend Dr. Cathy will be delivering the baby. He reminds me she was the one who delivered me when mom was pregnant.

I can feel the mechanical hands grabbing the baby.

But then they go back in and grab another one. Twins?

Me and dad are able to take the twins home around 3:00pm. I’d like you to meet Angel and Noelle. I named them both after the holiday season. Dad approved of the names. As he holds his grandson, he says he is a little angel.

The rest of the family then met Angel and Noelle.

After all the baby cuddling, sis had to show me what mom and dad got her. She was excited.

Since she was at the child stage of life, she was the creative one of us triplets. She built the best volcano. She drew a lot of pictures. She would always watch mom paint in her room.

Now she has her very own easel to paint on. She said she’d like to try and paint a picture of me as one of her first real paintings. I was honored.

There’s a knock at our door. Sis says her date is here. I have to see who it is and so I follow her.

It’s Patrick! Sis is dating Patrick?

I introduce Patrick to the new family members, Angel and Noelle. He’s really good with babies.

Patrick only notices bro around and asks where the father is. I whisper something to him and he nods.

Sis and Patrick end up going out to eat for dinner. Dad makes us grilled cheese. I tell him these are really good. Bro says he will help with the dishes tonight since the women have to take care of babies and dad cooked. How nice of him I think as I laugh to myself.

Then it’s time to feed the babies. Mom helps.

Mom and me have tomorrow off from work, but dad doesn’t. For tonight, he’s sleeping in bro’s room…

…and bro is sleeping on the couch in the living room. Poor bro, it must be uncomfortable.

Mom and I are sharing her and dad’s bedroom for tonight. I guess baby business is going to last throughout the night. But for now, we get as much sleep as we can.

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10 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 62”

  • Ugly sweater gifts! lol And what a great surprise that Juju has TWINS on the Yuletide. And I love the names, too. So sweet to see two new members of the family age up. So, Patrick….do I think that Patrick might be the father of the twins….maybe…although Juju hasn’t revealed anything yet.

  • Oops…forgot to comment on the real gifts…the baby basinette…great gift that she was so excited, she went into labor…and an easel for Hope. And what did Junior get besides a niece and nephew? Poor Junior, left out. lol

    • Junior got an ugly sweater. 😀

      The two gifts for the daughters play an important role. So they had to be mentioned. 😉

  • So, were these twins spontaneous or planned ahead? lol

    And the sweaters are great! I love them all! The idea of it only coming around once a year since you do every day is great.

    And the father…I don’t know anymore. What did she whisper? The real father’s name? Was it him? I doubt Hope and Patrick would have gone out if he was the real dad. I still think it’s someone else. We’ll see…

    • Yes. It was autonomous. As stated in my reply to Karilan, I bet if there were not 6 already in the household, Juju would have had triplets. 😀

      So happy I am keeping you on your toes on guessing who the baby daddy is.

  • Twins! Angel and Noelle are perfect names. I’m thinking we can rule out Patrick… maybe? and Cathy Tea delivering babies. Yay! Oh those sweaters! What fun!

    • I pondered for awhile what names to give the twins. I wanted to make them holiday themed. Finally, those two names popped up in my head.

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