BuildNewcrest: Day 61

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 61 (Household Income: §25,692)

Last night I told my mom and dad about my pregnancy. It didn’t go over well with my dad.

I wake up around 6:30am. My belly is a little bigger than yesterday.

Today is the Yuletide eve. I need to clear my head before work, so I change to go to the park.

As I’m heading out, dad is also up and asks where I am heading off to. I tell him I’m just going to the park. He asks if he can join me. Isn’t he suppose to be mad at me? I don’t say a response but rather nod my head. He asks me to wait while he goes to change.

When we get to the park, we sit on one of the benches and stare at the scenery without saying a word.

About 10 minutes go by and he finally says we need to talk. He begins by stating he is sorry for snapping at me last night. He goes on that he is not happy about any of this but he had no right to get snippy and then walk away.

Then he asks me if the dad of the child knows yet. Again, I don’t say anything and shake my head no. He sighs. He says that I should be entering my 2nd trimester today and my 3rd tomorrow. Which means the baby could come tomorrow, on the day of the Yuletide, or the following day. He thinks I should wait until after the holiday to tell the father instead of springing it on him during this time.

He then says that we need to talk about me being heir. He only has 9 days before the elder in him starts kicking in and won’t have much time after that. How depressing to bring this up now.

We walk back home together,  me a few steps behind dad.

Bro has breakfast on the table and made his usual eggs and bacon. Good, because I am starving. The smell doesn’t bother me anymore. Sis is already gone to work.

It’s my turn to go to work. See you later.

Guess what? I got promoted on my 3rd day. This cheered me up. Because tomorrow is the Yuletide, everyone around here as it off from work. Except for sims in the medical and police field, of course.

Dad has dinner on the table already.

After we eat, my sis wanted to talk to me. We go into her room. She tells me she asked a guy out and is bringing him over tomorrow. She says it’s one of our friends who we invited to our birthday party. He had a mild illness and visited the hospital for medication. They talked for awhile and I guess she ended up asking him out. Good for her.

I am going to bed tonight feeling a little better about things. Here’s to a happy yuletide day tomorrow. Good night.

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