1.7: The Dating Game (part 2)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 7: The Dating Game (part 2)

The next person J had set up for Andrew was a woman named Britany Harrell. J told Andrew she was a music lover, so he planned the date at The Solar Flare lounge. As he approached the lounge, he recognized her from somewhere but didn’t know from where. They had their friendly introductions before entering the lounge.

There was a crowd standing listening to someone playing the violin.

Britany: This is Devin Hudson. She’s a musical genius. I love her music.
Andrew: Then we came to the right place.
Britany: Did you know she was performing tonight?
Andrew: Honestly. No.

They listened until Devin was done and then got some drinks from the bar and found a seat.

Andrew: So tell me a little about you.
Britany: If you didn’t know already, I am your mail carrier.
Andrew (eager look on his face): THAT’S where I remember you from. I see you dropping off my mail. I knew I recognized you when we met outside.

Britany gathers the silverware from the table and puts them in her purse. There is an awkward silence.

Andrew: So… what type of music do you like?
Britany: Pretty much anything.
Andrew: Any favorites?
Britany: I’m not picky.

Andrew was having a hard time getting Britany to talk. He decided to try a different tactic.

Devin was already playing another song and Andrew asked if he could join her and she nodded. He picked up the guitar that was next to her and started playing trying to match tunes to Devin’s. Britany just watched on. No real emotion showed from her. Andrew was hoping for a laugh or chuckle. Anything.

It was getting late and Andrew didn’t know how much more he could take of the silence. Andrew didn’t even think she was having fun, so he wished her a goodnight and waved goodbye.

As Andrew was getting ready for bed, his phone rang. He answered and it was J.

J: Hey, bro. How is the dating game going? Zoe was impressed by you last night.
Andrew: I really wish you’d stop calling it that. And I liked Zoe as well. But Britany? Are you friends with her? There was nothing there. I tried to make a conversation and she just replied with one or two words. And she stole silverware from the lounge.
J: She’s not all that bad. She’ll grow on you. You just have to give it a chance.
Andrew: I just hope she doesn’t quit her day job.
J (laughing): Ouch. Harsh, bro!
Andrew: This last one better not be like Britany. We’re going to the park on Saturday.
J: I don’t think you have to worry. Call me when you get home then and let me know which of the three. I’m curious who you’ll choose.
Andrew: You’ll be the first to know, my friend.
J: All right then. Have a good night, man.
Andrew: You too.

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