#BuildNewcrest: Day 60

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 60 (Household Income: §23,023)

I think I got pregnant during our birthday party because I show symptoms of it that I’ve learned in school. I’ve only told my sis, Hope. She says I need to tell mom and dad but not sure I can do that yet.

I wake up craving my coffee kick. I haven’t had any since I quit my barista job. I also look down to see a bigger than normal lump for a belly. This confirms I am pregnant.

I put my robe on hoping to conceal it. My bro notices at the dining room table and says with his mouth full of eggs maybe he should start making some healthier breakfasts as it’s beginning to show on me. I give him a dirty look. Sis then gives me a look but I ignore her. I need to make it through the day of work, first.

I’m not going to have you follow me again until I get a promotion. You’ll probably get bored of watching me. I’ll see you when I get home.

I think I did pretty well at work today for my second day. At least my boss thought so.

Dad did some more decorating. It doesn’t snow in Newcrest, so he decided to put out a santa on a beach. But he did add some snowflake decor to the windows.

At work I made the decision to tell mom and dad. Sis was right. It’s going to get worse if I don’t say something now. Of course they didn’t take it well. I knew by dad’s reaction.

Next thing I am in their bedroom having a discussion. Dad is doing all the freaking out. Mom tells him to calm down, it’s not the end of the world. Mom asks me when did it happen and I tell her it was during the birthday party.

Then dad walks out of the room, leaving me and mom.

Mom sits me down on the bed. I’m about to cry. She tells me that I am going to be okay and she’ll talk to dad. She continues that we’ll have to still talk about this later with me.

I don’t go finish dinner. Instead I go to my room, crawl under the covers, and cry it out.

I hear a knock on my door and sis and bro walk in. I can’t deal with bro’s jokes right now. I sit up on the bed and tell him I’m not in the mood.

But he pulls me up and gives me a hug. And he apologizes for poking fun at me this morning.

Then he asks if he can feel the baby.

Sis gives me a hug too.

Then we talk the rest of the night. I ask them anything we say stays between us 3. I have to still talk more with mom and dad, but I also don’t want them telling friends and co-workers. They both promise.

I’m exhausted and tired and just want to go to bed now. I am also still sad. I don’t want dad to be mad at me. Especially when we’re 2 days away from celebrating the yuletide. Everyone is supposed to be happy and celebrating this time of season.

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3 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 60”

  • Oh Joseph….took the news of the pregnancy hard. He should be happy…a new grandchild…a new heir for the family. Just, I guess he was hoping to use the wedding venue first and then baby comes second. Some things can’t be planned. Thank goodness that Hope and Junior are supportive to Juju at this time, and her Mom also. Oh Joseph…don’t be so angry and Juju.

  • Uh oh. Joseph didn’t take that well. I’m glad Junior and Hope are supportive of Juju. And her mom, Claire took things alright. Now I really want to know who the father is.

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