#BuildNewcrest: Day 59

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 59 (Household Income: §23,893)

I found out yesterday that my mom was able to get me a job at the place where she works. I’m going to be in the science career. How crazy is that!

I wake up around 1:00am feeling sick. And not the type of sick you get from bad food or catching a cold. I learned about this type of sickness from health class in high school.

I quickly have to run to the bathroom to vomit.

After cleaning the mess up and myself, I wake up my sis. I tell her what just happened and that I think I am pregnant. I tell her that it must have happened during our birthday party after I kicked her out of the tent so I could talk more with one of the guys. One thing led to another and we woohooed. My sis says I need to tell mom and dad, but I can’t. I’m the heir and look how this sounds.

I plead with her not to say anything to mom or dad. She agrees not to, but tells me they’ll eventually find out when my belly starts getting bigger. And it will soon if I really am pregnant.

I go back to bed.

Next thing, I wake up to daylight. I hear a bunch of noise outside my door and smell of eggs. I think I am going to vomit again. But I can’t. I have to get through the smell and just ignore it.

As I walk out of my room, I see dad, mom, and sis decorating a big tree in the open space of the hallway. I heard about this in school, too. It happens once every 300 plus days. Not all sims will get to experience it. Like the All Hallow’s Eve my family celebrated when I was younger.

I was hungry, very hungry, but the smell of the eggs and bacon were making it hard for me right now. Sis gives me that look that I need to tell dad and mom. But I can’t do it.

Eventually it’s time for me and mom to go to work. Maybe this will get my mind off of this.

My first day on the job. This is FutureSim Lab. Pretty cool.

My title is Junior Tinkerer. So I get the low end scientific jobs right now. The first thing my boss asks me to do is shape this bonsai tree. We’ll be using the leaves off from it for other experimentations, but boss wants them to look nice in the meantime. It takes me a little over an hour to shape it. I think I did a good job for my first time doing this.

This is my boss, Giovanni. I let him know I’m done with the bonsai tree. He’s a lab technician. As I get promoted, I’ll have sims under me I can ask what to do like he does. But I am at the bottom right now.

Since Giovanni has more work to do, he asks me to work on his web research for him until lunch.

I eat lunch around 1:45pm. I’ve almost been here for 4 hours and already liking my job. I know I can get promoted to something better, though. I need access to those potions mom said that can keep you from aging up.

After my hour lunch break, Giovanni wants me to get some practice on the analysis machine. I think I performed really good work because I end up finding a new element called Volenton.

I get a call from mom and she says she’s waiting outside. It’s 7:00pm already?

I mention to my boss Giovanni that’s it 7:00pm and I’m heading home. He tells me I did a great job on my first day and he’ll see me tomorrow.

I had a really good day for my first day.

When we get inside, dinner is on the table. Dad asks me how my first day on the job was. I tell him I am excited and then I thank mom for getting me this job.

After dinner, sis pulls me into her room. Now that she works at a hospital she was able to grab a pregnancy test. She warns me if I take it and I am pregnant, it will start to show much quicker. It speeds up to the first trimester a little faster. I tell her I’ll wait and see. Then she tells me I should at least talk to mom about my symptoms. I say to my sis that I’ll think about it.

Why did my sis have to drag me down? I was having a good day after early this morning. I’m going to bed. I’ll talk to you again in the morning.

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  • Oh…..tent woohoo…and Juju is not well….I am sure she is preggers. Hope was just trying to help Juju so that she would know for sure that she was or wasn’t pregnant. Juju, though, had a first great day at work. Such a dilemma Juju has gotten herself into.

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