#BuildNewcrest: Day 58

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 58 (Household Income: §20,049)

Myself, my sis, and my bro became young adults yesterday. We threw a party to celebrate. Many of our friends came over. We talked, ate pizza, sang karaoke and played some cards. I think everyone had a fun time.

I can see daylight out of my tent. I’m all alone in it. I grab my robe and go out.

It looks like all the teenagers left. Most likely for school now that it’s Monday. The others who stuck around are helping clean up. I see Argus, Karlo, Patrick, and Steve. We played cards last night before heading off into our tents. My bro says morning sleepy head to me.

Patrick and Steve break down the karaoke machine and take it inside. Karlo helps my bro move the tables and chairs. Argus helps sis remove the boards and stuff from the homemade fire pit that was made. I decide to unpitch the tents.

Before the boys leave, Patrick gives me a hug and says, “Last night was an interesting one.” Karlo is nearby and says, “It sure was.”

Steve approaches me and says he’s never done a sleepover and that this was a fun party last night. He did things he didn’t imagine he would do for awhile.

Talking to Steve, I noticed the mail carrier show up. Bro gets the mail. I’ll have to make sure to get it from him and pay the bills. Dad set me up with the household funds since I am heir.

Argus was the last one left from the party. As I approach him, I see mom and dad heading off to work. I ask mom to see if she could get me a job at her workplace.

I apologize again to Argus about wanting to know who his crush was last night. I ask him if it’s me and he can tell me. He begins to blush again. He says he’s gay and one of the guys here last night turned him on. That made me blush with embarrassment. That guy is going to be one lucky fella though.

Side Note: I don’t know if the person behind the simself of Argus is gay or not. This is a whole other world, afterall. But the game decided to choose him to be. He was flirting with another guy sim autonomously at the party, so I ran with it.

As I was talking to sis, she said she was going to look for another job. She enjoyed babysitting but the pay wasn’t all that great. We went into bro’s room to see if she could borrow his computer to look for a job. Sis tells him she wants something more sustainable.

I suggest she find a job that perhaps still works with people and maybe even children. As she looks, she finds an opening in the medical industry. I remember that mom and dad have a good friend who is a doctor. Dr. Cathy.  She stops by when they have a club meeting here. Sis remembers her, so applies for the job. She’ll have to start at the bottom, but maybe Cathy can help her get promotions.

That evening at dinner as soon as mom gets home, she has good news for me. Her workplace is thrilled to have another member of the Simself family as part of their workplace. But because we are family, I cannot work under her, so I have to work in another department right now.

As I go to bed, I am crazy about starting my first day on the job with my mom. We work the same hours so we can go to work together. It’s going to be an exciting day tomorrow.


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3 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 58”

  • Hmmm….keeping us in suspense about who was woohooing in that tent….Ok, so Argus is out…
    But,it’s so great that Juju will follow in the science career like her Mom. And Hope is going into the medical field. What about Junior…where will like take him?

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