#BuildNewcrest: Day 57

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 57 (Household Income: §20,199)

Today is the big day!

I get up around 6:00am. I didn’t get much sleep last night because I’m too excited.

I am going for another quick jog. This is actually refreshing. I’m not making any pit stops today, though. I jog around the block.

As I return home, bro has just finished making breakfast for the family. Dad says I should get him up next time I go jogging and he’ll run with me.

After breakfast, I shower. I have to smell my best for my friends.

I brush my teeth because I have to look my best, too.

Around 1:00pm it’s time for us to age up to young adults. Dad baked a cake. I think he likes baking cakes. He’s the one that’s done it ever since I could remember.

It happens in order of being born. Hope is first to age up.

Then it’s my turn!

Lastly, my bro, Junior.

This was it. I was finally no longer a teenager. We dig into the cake my dad made for us. Mom and my bro gives my dad compliments for the cake. It is good.

When 3:00pm starts to roll around, our friends from high school start to arrive. Some are already young adults, some are teenagers still. We do a meet and greet in the front yard. Everyone is wishing us a happy birthday in becoming young adults.

We move the party to the backyard.

My bro and a few other boys decided to play cards. The other three ended up talking by themselves elsewhere.

And the girls split off to talk to each other.

I mention about my previous job as a barista. Masami seemed interested, but Rieko had to talk about herself. She was real popular in high school.

I wanted to make sure I spent time with my four favorite gentlemen today. I wanted to thank Patrick again for helping me with my final project, so I pull him away from their card game when one of their rounds was over. We lied down on the grass and talked for awhile.

Patrick even made me laugh pointing out clouds that looked like animals or other sims. He’s a smart guy but also funny. I’m glad to have him as a friend. And I think he likes me too.

Dad orders pizza for dinner around 9:00pm for us newly young adults and our friends.

I decide to chill with Karlo. He’s into business, so I joke about politics with him. He thinks I’m funny. Imagine that. He’s well informed about politics and business. We talk the whole time we eat.

I think there’s something in the pizza because Karlo‘s making flirtatious jokes to me. It is funny, but I think he’s also being serious.

After dinner, it’s karaoke time. We light the fire as it’s dark out now.

I ask Steve to come up and sing with me. I noticed him cleaning up earlier. He’s a guest and is suppose to have fun. Not do chores. I let him pick the genre and he says country. I never picked him to be a country guy.

Everyone got a turn. Steve went back up again to do a solo. It was another country song. But it was a romance one and he was looking at me when he was singing it.

I catch Argus doing sit ups near the lake. I go over to him to keep him company.

I ask him if he’s having a fun time. He says he usually doesn’t go to parties like this, but he is having fun. I tell him that I was eavesdropping earlier and he was talking about someone he had a crush on but couldn’t really hear anything.

All of a sudden, Argus got a little shy. This hot guy gets shy? He wouldn’t tell me anymore and changes the subject. I don’t push it and when he’s done, I give him a manly bro hug.

Everyone changes into their pajamas. Some go to bed and others hang out by the fire.

I ask Argus, Karlo, Patrick, and Steve if they’d like to play a couple rounds of cards. Argus says he doesn’t play, but would be happy to stay up and cheer me on. We play until a little past midnight and then go to our tents for the night.

I share mine with my sis. Everyone else divied up the others.

Side Note: I had Jubilee interact with the four simselves that were put into the game. I forced performed one friendly, one funny, and one romance interaction between the two. Then I let the pieces fall wherever they decided. The one with the highest relationship with Jubilee of both friendly and romantic at the end of the party/day will be Jubilee’s interest within the rest of the generation.

Jubilee’s tent around 3:00am


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7 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 57”

  • What a fun party!!! Glad that everyone had fun! Ooo, I love how you ended with a woohoo scene. Can’t wait see who Jubilee’s lover boy is!

    • First time I played with more than 8 sims on a lot. It was fun.

      It was close between two of the sim selfies.But one came out on top (pun intended?). Now readers will have to figure out who it is for a few chapters or more. 😀

  • Oooohhh…..that was some hot party! Ooh la la! Who is Jubilee with in her tent? Ok….my guess before the next chapter….maybe Argus….he has a secret crush….or Karlo being the flirtatious one. I guess I will see who it is next chapter…..!!!!

    • …or maybe the chapter after that. Or the one after that. I’m going to keep readers hanging on this one. 😉

  • That was a great chapter! It was fun to see all those at the party, interacting with her and her family. And great cliffhanger. I’ll keep my guess to myself for now. 😉

    • I was tempted to put a poll up and see which of the four people thought it was. I regret not doing that now. Hope your guess what correct.

  • This was a fun party. Ooo la la… Juju getting some action… wait isn’t she sharing a tent with Hope? I hope Hope decided to move or sleep inside. I wonder who the guy is, but I’m guessing I’ll find out soon.

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