#BuildNewcrest: Day 53

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 53 (Household Income: §14,672)

Myself, my sis, and my bro are so close to becoming young adults. I wonder if it’s going to feel any different. It’s going to happen this weekend and we’re going to throw a campout party in our backyard.

It’s Wednesday morning. Only three more days of school. I’m psyched.

But first, it’s another morning of old geezers and mochas.

I’m home. Did you miss me? I bet you did. I missed you. I talked to my boss today and told him Friday might be my last day. He looked disappointed and didn’t say much. I’ll bet he’ll miss me. I’l miss him.

But all I can really think about is the growing up to young adult party this weekend.

At breakfast, bro had an announcement. He waited until I got home. He was promoted at work. His boss really liked his interactions with the customers, he was moved up to customer support.

Then it’s off to school.

Just an average day at school except for me, my sis, and our bro started inviting friends to our house on Sunday for our birthday party campout.

I do my homework. Tomorrow is my last homework assignment. I wonder what I’ll have to do for my final project. Whatever it is, I’m glad Patrick is coming over to help. He’s turned into a young adult already now.

A lot of sharing today of promotions. My bro shared his at breakfast. My dad shares his at dinner. I’m proud of my dad. He’s been stuck in his last position for a long time.

At the end of the day, I’m happy for my bro and dad. I also think I’m going in for my last day of work tomorrow. I’ll sleep on it and make my decision in the morning. But like I said, I really want to work where mom does.

Have a good night.

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  • Yeah for Junior and Joseph’s promotions. Juju really seems to be taking things in stride that she will be becoming a young adult in a few days, quitting her job as a barista, and starting a brand new life. She is a wise choice as heir.

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