#BuildNewcrest: Day 52

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 52 (Household Income: §11,649)

I found out that myself, my sis, and my bro are going to become young adults very soon. Freedom, here I come.

As I am heading out to work bright and early again, I wonder if I’ll keep this job when I become a young adult. I really want to work with my mom. I want to get my hands on that youth potion.

I’ll see you when I get home.

Two hours of my life go by. And more mochas in my system. I think I’m addicted to this stuff. I don’t know how I’m going to survive without these if I quit. I think my boss wants me to stay, though. He says I earned an extra vacation day.

As you know, my bro has become the breakfast maker of the family when we turned teenage status. He’s really been enjoying it. He’s a fan of the eggs and bacon, but there were a couple days he has tried something new. This morning it looks like he tried his hands at pancakes.

I was about to open my mouth and say something, but with the look he was giving me ready for a come back, I decided not to. His wit is better than mine. Dad made sure to stroke bro’s ego though and says the pancakes smell and taste delicious.

Then it’s off to school. I’m excited to find out I only have 4 more days.

As I arrive home with my sis and bro, I thought I would bring another friend home to show off to you. I’m expanding my big happy family of friends.

His name is Karlo. I think I’m a magnet to geeky guys. But what I like about Karlo, is he’s neat and organized. Even when it comes to his clothing style. He tends to look classy.

The drawback at school though, is he can be a little hot-headed. He’s got a professionalism about himself that he forgets he’s a teen sometimes and doesn’t embrace it. But I also like that in him because he can give me tips on how to improve to become a better heir.

I work on my homework after Karlo leaves. Patrick‘s last day was today and he got high honors on his project. He offered to help me with mine on Thursday night. I won’t find out what it is until Thursday as well. I think it’s cool of Patrick to help me with it.

Bro was at work so he didn’t join us for dinner.

After we ate, my BFF sis and I talked more about boys. She asks me if I have a crush on anyone. I tell her I don’t have a crush on anyone, but I like Steve, Patrick, and Karlo. Then I ask her if she’s met anyone yet. She says not really. I might have to hook her up with someone.

I notice the time and tell sis I need to go to bed. Work comes bright and early again. I’ll say good night to you also.

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3 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 52”

  • Oh another friend…another boy…Juju certainly likes the boys…So glad that Patrick is going to help Juju with her final high school project. And Hope didn’t look too happy about being hooked up with any of those guys. Look at her clenched fists as they are talking. Yum….pancakes….reminds me of another story…about pancakes….that I miss….

  • Mmm… mochas… can’t live without ’em. I totally empathize, Juju. And Hope doesn’t seem like she wants to be hooked up wth anyone. Haha. Juju the matchmaker.

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