1.6: The Dating Game (part 1)

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 6: The Dating Game (part 1)

The next day Andrew called J up.

Andrew: Hey J, it’s Andrew.
J: Hey, bro!
Andrew: I’ve decided to let you set me up on a date. I think you’re right and it’s time for me to get out there and find someone.
J: I’m so glad you said that, bro. I’ve actually found a few women you might be interested in.
Andrew: A few?
J: Let’s just pretend this is the dating game. You go out on three dates. Pick one of the three you like. And make your moves.
Andrew: I don’t know. I thought you were just going to set me up with one person.
J: Come on, bro. It’ll be fun.
Andrew: I guess.

Andrew’s first date is with Zoe Patel, the woman he met who lives with J. He took her to the Rattlesnake Juice bar.

The bar was pretty quiet that evening. The two found themselves a table and ordered some drinks. They started by talking about J. Zoe shared her experiences of J being a roommate. She made a lot of jokes about him. Then she went into talking about her other two male roommates of hers.

Andrew: What about you? I only know a little about you from our dinner meet when I went to go see J.
Zoe: Well, besides work… I write my own personal blog. It makes me happy.
Andrew: What do you write about?
Zoe: Oh, just about my life. What I’ve done and what I want to do.
Andrew: And what do you want to do?
Zoe: It may sound weird, but I aspire to have many friends. I like people. That’s one reason I started a personal blog.
Andrew: There’s nothing wrong with that.

Andrew and Zoe get to know each other more as the evening continues.

As the night comes to a close, Andrew and Zoe head outside. Zoe stumbles and almost falls, but Andrew catches her and soon they are holding hands.

Andrew: Are you okay?
Zoe (giggling): Yeah, sorry. Clumsy me likes to trip a lot. It must be these shoes.

Andrew: I had a wonderful time tonight. Do you mind if I take a picture? So I can remember this lovely evening?
Zoe: Of course not. I had a lovely time, also.

Andrew takes out his phone and Zoe moves in next to him for the shot.

Before leaving their separate ways, Andrew gives Zoe a big hug and thanks her one more time for a wonderful evening.


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3 thoughts on “1.6: The Dating Game (part 1)”

  • Oh, that looks like a nice date between Howard and Zoe. J is funny, setting Howard up with 3 different dates. He is a part-time matchmaker!

  • Loved the split screen. Zoe seems cute. Her clumsiness makes me smile. It’s so something I’d do. Lol. They could be a good match. 😉 (I’ve read ahead so I know what happens, but I’m writing what I thought at the time).

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