#BuildNewcest: Day 51

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 51 (Household Income: §12,406)

It was an off day yesterday. I got into an argument with my dad. He was suppose to become an elder, but didn’t. But at the end of the time everything seemed okay.

Back to work this morning. I’m tired when I get to work, but feel energized by the time I get off. It must be all the free drinks I get. I best be off, I’ll see you when I get home.

I’m home! Those 2 hours went by really fast too. I can’t believe how many geezers get up this early just for a cup of coffee and maybe a bagel or muffin. You’d think the older you get, the more you want to sleep in. Not get up earlier and earlier. Geesh! The upside is, it makes my day go faster. Oops. I think I told you that already.

The family was already eating breakfast when I sit down. I see it was bro’s bacon and eggs again. Teasingly, I tell him I see he brought the bacon back. He says, yeah welcome home. Oh my plum. Why do I always fall for this? How rude! Even mom was caught off guard by that comment. But it’s funny.

8:00am rolled around quickly, so we changed and headed off to school. Okay. Today is the day. Today is my A game. I forgot to tell you that bro got his A on Friday before the weekend started. Way to go, bro.

We get home and I’ve got great news! Guess who go her A? Yup! I sure did.

Dad shows me the mail that came today. It’s bills. He tells me as heir, I should start now on learning how to pay them. He explains all the boring stuff such as if the bills are late, we could lose our utilities like electricity and water. Blah, blah. I think I can handle this.

As I’m doing my homework, I get a call from one of my new friends. He’s passing through and wanted to know if he could stop by. Of course I tell him yes. He says he is on his way over now.

I’d like you to meet Patrick. He’s a bit nerdy too, like Steve. But Patrick is a know-it-all nerd. He helped me get my A. He tells me he was stopping through on his way to the store. He’s getting supplies for his final school project. His last day of school is tomorrow because he’s turning into a young adult. I’m jealous.

After Patrick leaves, I go ask my dad when it’s time for me to become a young adult. He says me, my sis, and bro will be aging up in 6 days. That’s on a Sunday. That means Friday is our last day of school. Cool!

At the dinner table, I also remind my sis and bro that this weekend will be a big weekend for us. Maybe a campout in the backyard. If that was okay with mom and dad. And invite all our friends.

Mom and dad approved. Dad was especially happy we were making a lot of friends since we didn’t have that many during our toddler and child days.

We all noticed Dulcie had been acting strange lately. Too strange. Since my bro is not committed to staying in Newcrest because he is not an heir, he takes Dulcie to the vet clinic. We’ll wait for him to get home to see what the vet tells him.

It turns out Dulcie had a three-ring flea circus going on in her fur. Bro said he paid for full treatment to get her cured.

As it’s late, I should go to bed. 5:00am comes fast.

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