#BuildNewcrest: Day 50

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 50 (Household Income: §11,990)

Me and my bro, Junior, got tattoos yesterday. We’re waiting on what mom and dad will say.

Good morning. Dad’s been talking about it the past couple days now, he’s suppose to be at the elder life stage today. He’s not looking forward to it. I don’t think any of us are. We learned in school that elders don’t live a long lifespan. It lasts at least 10 days. But then it’s all up to the grim reaper. Myself, sis, and bro have about 7 more days before we get to be young adults. It will be sad losing my dad so early. Of course, mom says he still has a lot of days in him.

At the breakfast table, Junior arrives in his pajama bottoms and no shirt like dad always does too. But his tattoo is so visible and obvious! And dad notices. He’s not happy.

The two get into an argument. Bro asks why does it matter? He asks how come dad can have one, but not himself. Dad replies that he’s an adult and Junior is not. He even says it like that, and I quote “Dad is an adult and Junior is not!”

Then bro points at me and says I have one too. Thanks a lot, bro!

Dad begins to lecture me now. He asks where I have it. I tell him on my shoulder blade and it’s really small. We just wanted to do something fun. I tell him I got mine because I feel like I am flying like a bird as heir and want to soar and make our family proud. Bro got his because he thinks they look cool and he thinks he looks cool too. I see dad roll his eyes. I hope that was at him and not me.

He looks over at Hope and she shakes her head no and says she didn’t want to get one.

He sends me and bro off to our rooms. Says we’re grounded for the days we have left until we turn into young adults. This is totally unfair. I’m the heir to this family. Don’t I have rights?

It’s around noon now. Dad is suppose to age up to an elder. Even though he’s not happy with me, I need to be with him for this. He’s still my dad and I love him even though I think he’s in the wrong. And I tell my bro this as well.

Dad made himself a cake. Now I really feel bad. Mom says this is all a waste of time.

We sit at the table in silence. No one is talking and everyone is getting uncomfortable.  Finally mom speaks up and says to dad she told him so.

I ask what’s going on. Mom says that at the place she works, they have found a way to turn back the clock on aging to the beginning of the lifespan they were at. She says dad should have another 22 days left from today. I proceed to ask that someone could live forever then? Mom chuckles and doesn’t respond. I am so going to work at this place when I turn into a young adult.

Mom cuts the cake and we all take a piece except for bro. He storms off. Mom didn’t want the cake to go to waste.

After we eat, dad asks me to join him and we go to bro’s room. He’s on his computer.

Dad asks him to turn it off and sit down on the bed with me. He first apologizes for his outburst this morning. He says mom had a talk with him and she made some good points. He continues that he is not happy that we didn’t talk to him and mom first about it. And that he doesn’t approve that we have one at such an early age as well. But what’s done is done. He finishes with both our groundings are lifted.

As he’s about to leave, I ask him if he’d like to see mine if he hasn’t already. He says he would and that he didn’t look for it already and smirks. I show him my tattoo. He agrees that it is small. But it looks beautiful.

Out of the blue, dad asks bro if he could see his again. Bro was hesitant. He is probably thinking he will get yelled at again. But he takes his shirt off for dad since he was wearing a long sleeve now.

Dad was impressed at the detail work and went into about his lion tattoo.

When it came time for dinner that evening, we ate like nothing happened this morning.

After dinner, I noticed dad go into his office. He was updating his social media status for the day. When I see him leave, I sneak in and peek at what he wrote for today. He talks about me as heir and he mentions my tattoo. Awkward dad! If my classmates see this, they will all want to see it now.

As I go to bed, I think of what a weird day today was. It’s back to work and school tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 50”

  • It’s funny that Joseph would get so upset about them getting tattoos when he, himself has one! Grounded forever! lol Thank goodness that Clare talked some sense into him. I wonder how Juju feels that her Mom and Dad could live forever…..will they? Don’t we all wish we could.

    • You know how parents are. They can have something but don’t want their kids to. lol

      I think she was referring to herself living forever. I don’t think Joseph would really want to. 😀

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