#BuildNewcrest: Day 49

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 49 (Household Income: §11,783)

I’m happy I made up with my sis. We became BFFs last night even.

Even though it’s the weekend, dad makes me get up at 8:00am. He knows I get up even earlier on weekdays for work, but he wants it to be a habit. No sleeping in.

As heir, I request we go out for breakfast. Dad says it’s okay and it would be good to go out of this part of Newcrest. So we all change and head out. Dad says he knows the perfect place.

After we get to the restaurant, I take the lead and order us a table.

After the host seats us, dad says this is the restaurant him and mom became an item and where he eventually proposed.

After looking through our menus, we called the waitress over. I ordered first. Then the rest of the family.

I notice mom and dad talking to another lady. I overhear that she is a food critic and would love to add our input in her review. She recognizes us from my dad’s social media page. We really are famous.

Then we all eat our breakfast when it arrives. I don’t know how my bro can have pizza for breakfast.

After breakfast, dad has to get ready for work. Mom has the day off. I ask if my bro, sis, and I could go hang out since it was Saturday. Mom says it’s okay. But reminds me that I have to either stay in Magnolia Promenade or go back to Newcrest. She trusts I won’t go into other towns such as Willow Creek or Oasis Springs.

We had to the shopping mall in the Promenade where my bro works. He says he can get us an employee discount if we want anything.

I don’t see anything interesting that I want to buy. As I look out the window, I see a nail parlor across the street that says they also do tattoos. As I am about to say we should get tattoos, I hear bro yelling at my sis to get her hand out his back pocket. She says she forgot her wallet and wanted to buy something, so she was going to use his. I never knew my sis had a bad side to her. She’s always such an angel. This made me laugh.

Then I go back to my statement and say all three of us should go get tattoos. My bro said he was game. Sis on the other hand was not. She said we’d all get in trouble. I mention dad has one. He has 3 in fact.

Side Note: I was screenshotting different angles of Jubilee looking out the window and came across this one. In the game, if sims are close to each other, their bodies blend into each other. This one was classic as it actually does look like Hope is reaching into Junior’s non existent back pocket.

My bro and myself convince sis to at least go with us and check it out.

We are escorted to the upper level where the tattoos are done. Two of the artists show off their work. A few are displayed bigger on the walls.

Our bro doesn’t hesitate. He says we are already there. As he is flipping through a book, he sees one of a snake he likes. I ask him why a snake? He says because they are deadly and beautiful at the same time. Just like he is. Oh, brother. He is so funny.

He takes off his shirt and sits in the chair. It’s just on your arm bro. No need to take off both shirts. Geesh! I think he’s hitting on the tattoo artist. The artist preps her tools and then begins her work.

About an hour later, the finished product is done. I think it really looks cool. So does my bro.

My turn is next. I decide to get something on my back shoulder. Sis chickens out.

I like it.

Side Note: If you play The Sims 4, you might have noticed I used the Spa Day pack to imagine tattooing. I don’t use Pose Player and don’t uses artificial poses. All poses in game are from playing. So I had to work with what I had.

We ended up spending a bit of simoleons. It’s about 3:00pm now as we go back to Newcrest. We stop off at the Community Park because I notice Steve is there. I ask him if he wants to see the tattoo I just got.

We get home in time for bro and sis to get ready for work. I wish my sis good luck as this is her first day on the babysitting job. I tell her not to be too tough on the kids and then chuckle. She laughs too.

It was just myself with mom and dad for dinner tonight. He asks what we did all day. I tell him we just hung out together and walked around. Then we relaxed at the Community Park for awhile. He was pleased to hear that.

I’m guessing he didn’t notice my back or he is waiting for me to bring it up. But we make it through dinner without me mentioning my tattoo or him asking about it.

I try and wait up for my bro and sis to get home, but I’m just too tired. I’m worn out from getting the tattoo and it still hurts a little. I’m going to sleep it off. Good night!

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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 49”

  • Pizza for breakfast. So sounds like something my spouse would do… or my bro in law. The tattoos are nice. Somehow it does not surprise me that Hope chickened out. The back pocket thing is hilarious.

    • I was literally laughing out loud. I was moving the camera around and stopped…. why is Hope touching her brother’s butt was my first reaction. But I couldn’t put that in the story….that’s just not right! LOL So I came up with a solution cause I really wanted to add that screenshot.

  • I love the outfit that Juju is wearing! It is so cute on her. And the idea of a tattoo parlor, that was a really good bit of work on your part. Love the tattoo she got too, and Junior is priceless with his answer of why a snake tattoo. The tattoo that Juju has sort of reminds me of The Divergent Series and the one that Tris gets in the book/movie. Junior posing on the spa chair really does look a lot like Joseph simself.

    • OMG, I thought the same thing when I saw that tattoo. I was like… Divergent! 😀

      I’m glad you like Juju’s outfit. I purposely plan out colors for each of them. You should see a trend in all their outfits they wear. 😉

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