1.5: I’d Tap That

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 5: I'd Tap That

Andrew headed off to the gym before work. He’s met a lot of people since he arrived in Oasis Springs almost a year ago.

He’s best friends with J Huntington. They talk mostly over the phone. Once in awhile he’ll visit J at his home and hangout along with J’s roommates.

Andrew also became friends with Don Lothario who now is a trainer at Burners & Builders gym. He’s heard rumors about Don being a womanizer. He never really talked to Don about relationships, though. Mostly it was chatter about fitness.

It was this day where Andrew got to learn a little more about Don’s relationship part of him.

Don: … and it was then me and Violet decided to elope. We got married yesterday.
Andrew: I guess congratulations are in order. No time for a honey…

All of a sudden a blonde walks up to Don, hands in front of her. Andrew continues his workout.

Dina: You got married, Don?
Don (under his breath): Oh crap.
Dina: I thought you were going out with my mom?
Don: Was, Dina. Past tense.
Dina: Does she know? I thought I saw you two going out the other day.
Don: Dina, it didn’t work out. Okay? Let it go. I’m married to Violet Lowe now.

Dina and Don continued to argue, so Andrew slowly took his leave. He saw J in the lockers area and decided to join him.

J: Hey bro.
Andrew: Good morning, J.
J: What’s going on out there?
Andrew: I’m not sure myself. Don got married yesterday and I guess he was also dating someone else at the same time.
J: Wow. Are you seeing anyone lately?
Andrew: Been too busy with work.
J: That’s no excuse.
Andrew: What about you?
J: Oh, I’ve had my eyes on Dina Caliente.
Andrew: Wait a minute. DINA? The blonde one out there?

Andrew points to where Don and Dina are arguing. J turns around.

J: Yep, that’s her. Dude, she’s not the one who was dating Don as well, was she?
Andrew: No. I guess it was her mom.
J: Good. Back to you. Are you interested in ever going out? Some like the single life.
Andrew: Someday I’d like to settle down and raise a family.
J: You’re not getting any younger, bro. And I think the girls will dig you.

J looks Andrew up and down.

J: Trust me, I’d tap that.
Andrew: Uhh…
J (chuckling): No worries, bro. I’m into chics. Dina, remember? Would you mind if I set you up on a date? I think I know someone you may like. You already met her. I’d have to talk to her about it as well.
Andrew: Can I think about it and give you a call tomorrow?
J: No sweat, bro. It’ll give me time to see if she’s up to it as well.

That evening after work and before bed, Andrew looked at himself in the mirror.

Andrew (talking to himself in the mirror): Is it time to start my legacy? I don’t know if I want to settle down just yet. J means well. But maybe he is right and it IS time I get into the dating scene and find that one person.


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3 thoughts on “1.5: I’d Tap That”

  • Don got married? He’s actually been pretty nice in most of my games, and way less of a player than he’s made out to be. I wish him well with his new wife.

    Andrew talking to himself and asking about starting his legacy was pretty funny to me.

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