#BuildNewcrest: Day 48

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 48 (Household Income: §8,981)

Yesterday was my first day as heir and yet I didn’t feel any different. Maybe I’m not suppose to. I also got mad at my sis, Hope. I love her lots, but she can be too much of a goodie two shoes.

Bright and early again. So happy it’s Friday. I don’t work on weekends. I’m off to work. See you when I get home.

What a day. I found this blend that wasn’t labeled, so I brewed it up on it’s own. It was so good. Even our customers were buying cups of it after some taste testing. I had a few cups myself. Then boss comes and says it’s our decaf brand. At least I made the big bucks for him.

Family was eating breakfast already when I got home. I hope sis doesn’t brag about anything today. I still owe her one.

When I sat down, I looked over at my bro and jokingly asked where’s the bacon. I only saw eggs and toast on the plate. He says it just sat down as he makes a silly face at me. How rude! But I walked into that one. He’s such a funny brother.

After we eat. it’s time to get ready and head off to school. I’m going to get that A today. I have to.

We arrive home from school almost the same time as dad does from work. I didn’t get my A sadly. I tried. However, I did bring something home to perhaps make sis jealous.

A boy. His name is Steve. He’s not my boyfriend, but he is a friend. He’s a little nerdy, but he’s a cute and enjoyable nerd. He laughs at my jokes.

I decide to get it over with since dad is already outside and introduce him to Steve. I think dad is a little too happy. He’s not my boyfriend, dad. Just a friend who is a boy. Geesh!

I give Steve a tour of the house. When I show him my room, dad says to keep the bedroom door open if we hang out here. And he says it in front of Steve. How embarrassing.

After a while, it’s getting late. Steve says he needs to go home or his parents will be mad at him for staying out late. I thank him for coming over and hopefully we can hang out this weekend.

At dinner, sis says Steve looks like a nice fella. She even thinks he might have a crush on me. What? She said she sees how he looks at me. And I thought she’d try and steal him as a friend under my nose. But she’s not. She’s such a cool sis.

After dinner, we move our conversation into my bedroom. I think dad was getting a little uncomfortable. I tell her about the other friends I have been meeting. She tells me some boys have been approaching her, too. But she thinks it’s only because we’re becoming famous for building a section of Newcrest. But she didn’t think Steve is one of those type of sims.

In fact, I think we just became BFFs.

We talk so late, we can hear our bro come home from work. He comes into my bedroom and ask what we’re talking about. Hope says boys. My bro and his silly expressions. And my dad calls me the wild child of us triplets?

As I am going to bed, I am glad I am no longer angry and my sis. I really do love her and my bro.

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