#BuildNewcrest: Day 47

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 2: Jubilee Simself

Day 47 (Household Income: §6,436)

Today is my first day officially as heir to our family. This will be an interesting journey.

Ugh! I hope I can get used to this getting up this early. It’s my second day on the job.

My dad made me get one. He made both my bro and sis get one too. It’s called responsibility he says. We spent a lot of simoleons on decorating our rooms when we aged up to teens. Now we have to pay it back.

I don’t want to be late, so I best be off. Glad you can’t follow me to work. It’s boring. But I make good tips from the old geezers who get up this early too. I’ll see you when I get home.

I’m home. Did you miss me? I bet you did. You think I would be tired, but I’m not. Why? Because I had 3 mochas. I’m ready to go for the day. I get free drinks at work. That is when the boss ain’t looking.

Looks like my bro made bacon and eggs again. At the table I tell him he’s going to turn into a chicken or pig someday if he keeps making this. He turns to me and says it already worked on me. How rude! Of course, dad tells us to knock it off and eat our breakfast.

As 8:00am rolls around, I head out to school with bro and sis. I’m going to work on my family of friends. See you when I get home!

When we get home from school, my sis is all perky. We didn’t have to ask and she’s going into how she got an A already and classes just started it seems. Well big whoop for you sis. You’re so much better than me and our bro. Brag about it why don’t you.

I go to my room and slam the door shut. I decide to lay down.

Then I hear a knock at my door. It’s dad. He wants to know what’s wrong. What’s wrong? A bragging sis is what’s wrong. I guess she’s the smartest of us triplets. Dad says he doesn’t think she meant to brag about it. She was probably just sharing her good news. Yeah, whatever dad.

I decided to do my homework with my bro. We’re going to one up my sis and “share our good news” in her face tomorrow. Well, at least I will.

After bro had left for work at his retail job, dad had made dinner. Then mom came home. I made sure not to sit next to sis. We ate in silence.

Since our first day of high school, I’ve been making some cool friends. I’ll have to invite them over so you can get to know them. They each have their own style which I think is awesome. I’ve told some of them today at school that I am the heir. Some have told me their parents are following my dad’s social media page. I guess I’m famous now too.

I’m going to text them and see who’s free this weekend.

As 5:00am will come fast, I’m going to bed. I guess I’ll see you all in the morning. I think I can get used to this.

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5 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 47”

  • Oh yah, sibling rivalry. What was once considered sharing as children, is now considered bragging as teens. Juju seems to be doing great, and can’t wait to see all her friends. I’m sure they will be an ecletic mix. Having a job before school, and then heading to school….so tiring. But, it’s a job. Maybe when she becomes a young adult, she will choose something else that doesn’t involve getting up so early.

    • I’m glad I didn’t work doing school. I did work on weekends and summer vacation tho in high school. It was tiring then. Can only imagine how Juju feels. 😀

  • I seen the change in tone right away and it is nice to see the story told from a different point of view. You made the transition very easily.

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