#BuildNewcrest: Day 46

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 46 (Household Income: §3,347)

Yesterday my social media followers voted on who would take over and be my heir to building our portion of Newcrest. I’m excited to find out who it is.

I wake up early around 4:45am to noise. As I get up, I see Juju heading out the door. Her first day on the job. She must have picked up her uniform last night after I went to bed. I wonder how long she’ll last at that job having to get up and leave this early. Then come home only to get ready for school. Welcome to adulthood as a teenager.

I jump online and open up my social media page and check the final results of the voting I posted yesterday. I can’t believe how close of a vote it was. It looks like my Juju is going to follow in my footsteps, though. I hope she is up to it. And I hope my Hope isn’t disappointed.

I post a thank you to everyone who voted. I tell them Juju will take the reigns tomorrow, but I’ll still update my status. I’ll look into her setting up her own social media page too. It probably won’t be for a little while. She’s got her hands full right now.

I continue to chat with fans to make the time go by. I’m not tired to go back to bed for a nap. Eventually I hear another one my kids get up or perhaps my wife. I go to see who’s up and notice Junior in the kitchen. Dulcie must have woke him up as he’s feeding her while having a conversation.

Then he starts making breakfast. He doesn’t like my morning parfaits or omelets anymore I ask him. He tells me he wants to try his hand at cooking. He’s watched me doing a lot before as a child. Now it’s his turn. I won’t stop him.

I ask him what he’s going to make. He says scrambled eggs with bacon. I made my kids that once. They really loved it. Must be one he remembers having.

By the time he gets it on the table, Juju is home from work. She doesn’t look exhausted. I wonder how many coffees she had in the 2 hours she worked.

When everyone is at the breakfast table, I break the news. I tell them that Juju will be taking on the responsibility of our portion of Newcrest. I would sit her down after school to go more into it. I also paid attention to Hope. She didn’t have that disappointed look. She even told Juju she would help when needed. Junior replied the same after Hope. Not sure if he meant it, but I know Hope did.

After breakfast, the triplets change clothes and head off to school.

I sit on the bed with Clare. Not that I believe it will work, but I told her to go ahead and bring home a bottle of that special youth potion used from alien DNA. I only have about 3 days left until I’m an elder. And I want to be able to see any grandchildren my kids bare. Especially Juju. I tell her she has to get a bottle for herself, too.

Then at 10:00am, we both leave for work.

Just like when the kids were in grade school, I arrived home the same time they did at 3:00pm.

I sit down with Juju to discuss her role as heir while Hope and Junior are sent off to do their homework.

I explain to Juju that she will have to decide what to do next. There’s so much that needs to be done, but she doesn’t have to do it all. I tell her she should look into starting a family when she gets a little older. She’ll need a child to continue the process of building this small area of Newcrest. I share that my contribution was the community park. She tells me she needs to think about it. I remind her it’s not a choice. She is the heir. Then she replies back she needs to think what she wants to do.

I give Juju a hug. I also tell her that tomorrow, she’s going to be sharing our story. We’ll see how she takes that on.

I send Juju off to do her homework.

I know Junior has to be to work soon, so I go to his room to see how he’s doing on his homework and he’s not there. Hope is in the kitchen doing hers. He must have left for work early, I am thinking. That is until I see him in my and Clare‘s bedroom. He’s sitting on the bed doing his homework. How odd. I ask him if he’s doing okay. He says yes.

Have you ever noticed that my boy has good taste in clothing?

Soon after, it’s time for Junior to go to work. I see him off and wish him good luck on his first day.

Then it’s dinner making time. I decide it’s a chili night.

By this time, my wife is home from work and we sit together. Minus my son, of course. Before we eat, Juju decides to take selfies. She says if she’s the new heir, she has to take pictures of herself. She has to look good in front her friends and everyone else she comes across. You don’t need a camera for that, my wild child.

Hope gives me that oh brother look. And to think these 3 have a close relationship. I suppose even triplets will get on each others nerves sometimes.

Then we eat. Dulcie even invites herself to join the table. Eww. This cat needs to be trained not to eat people food. I was going to save some leftovers for Junior. Not anymore.

After eating, Clare brings me to the bedroom. She pulls out two bottles of potions. She says she brought home two of them like I asked. I thought she was fooling around with me. I don’t believe this. There is no such thing as a youth potion. Should I continue to humor her? I suppose I should. I don’t want an angry wife right now. Plus, what could it hurt? Besides me dying earlier than expected that is.

She pours it into two special glasses. Soon there is a bright swirling light coming from each and we both drink up. I don’t feel any different. I guess we’ll find out in a few days when my hair goes gray and my wrinkles get more wrinkled.

Juju had gone to bed after dinner. I reminded her before she did that when she wakes up, she’ll be sharing her story. It will be an automatic thing for her. She won’t forget. It will be a force of habit.

Hope decided to go to bed too. I tell her she’ll need to be supportive of her sister. I waited for Junior to get home around 10:00pm. I then give him the same speech as I did for Hope.

And finally I remind you all before I go to bed. I won’t be talking with you anymore. I had a blast sharing my part of my legacy with you all. I am glad you got to see me build the Community Park. I’m joyful you were with me as I invited Clare into my life. And I’m most grateful for the fact you stood with me raising my 3 wonderful triplets. I guarantee you’ll still see me around. I hope that my Juju will mention me many times.

Have a good night, my friends!


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6 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 46”

    • Glad you enjoyed the first Generation.

      I have a feeling Generation 2 is going to bring some surprises as well. Afterall, it starts out with a teenage life. 😛

  • Ahhh…the end of an era for Joseph telling his story. I have not done the Build Newcrest challenge, so not sure about the youth potion, but glad that Joseph and Clare will be around for awhile to see what transpires. Love that Junior has taken an interest in cooking….and feeding Dulcie, even though she needs some training. Off the table, Dulcie! And Juju at breakfast….so funny taking the selfies….yep, Juju, you’re going to be famous. lol Looking forward to seeing what Juju has planned for her build.

  • I’m sad. I know Juju will be fun to watch, too, but Joseph was our first and the founder. lol

    Also, you are killing me. I love the idea of this type of challenge and the way you’ve incorporated simselves. I have a few friends I play mafia with and I’m thinking about starting a new story with my simself and those friends walking around the neighborhood, too. But I really don’t have time. lol I already have three other stories happening right now. I can’t add another. I’ll keep thinking about it. I need to be a little more organized and more focused. I just love good, fun ideas. That’s it. For now, I’ll keep reading yours to hold me over. 😀

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