#BuildNewcrest: Day 45

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 45 (Household Income: §2,724)

Well, my kids are finally teenagers. That means it’s almost time for a new heir and a new adventure. I’ll tell you more later.

Rise and shine. Breakfast at 7:00am as usual. I’ve made omelets for my family this morning. I’ll get the kids’ reaction and see if we move away from the fruit and yogurt parfait now they are a bit older.

Uh! What is Juju wearing? Not appropriate for seating at the table. Even Junior gives me that look as it is awkward sitting next to her like that. I tell her to change or at least wear a robe. Is this how the teenage days are going to start. Of course she asks why me and Junior can go shirtless. I show her we’re in pajama bottoms, not some skimpy underwear. I can’t really blame her though. Her mom used to dress like that in the morning out in the open where the whole neighborhood could see her. But not my Juju.

She comes back with a robe on. Thank you, Juju!

The omelets became a big hit. Glad everyone liked it.

As 8:00am soon came, the kids changed clothes and went off to their first day of high school.

Then Clare goes off to work at 10:00am. I don’t work today, but I still have stuff to do.

First thing, I notice the flag up on the mailbox. Bill collector wants their simoleons. I thought I was broke already. This solidified it.

I go online and get into serious mode with my followers on my social media page. I explain that I need to choose an heir to continue my legacy in building my section of Newcrest. I have 3 children, but am making the decision that the next heir will be one of my daughters. I don’t know how Junior will take it, but he’s a big boy. I’ve been updating my followers almost every day since I moved to Newcrest. They have seen my kids grow up. It’s only best they help me decide.

I add a poll to my status. I’ll give them 24 hours to vote and since I trust my followers, the daughter with the most votes will be told they are the heir to the family legacy.

Side Note: Each chapter of the story is a day in the life of the Simself family. The results will be posted Day 46. However, the real world voting for the next heir will take several days. So when you see the poll to vote for the Generation 2 heir, don’t feel pressured to vote before tomorrow real world time.

This takes me close to noon. I feed Dulcie and then myself.

3:00pm comes fast and the kids are home from school. They’re starting out as B grade students. Those are my smart kids.

I sat the triplets down. I went over what I said to my social media followers explaining that an heir needs to step up and take over the family legacy. Once I explained what an heir is and the responsibilities, Junior was very happy he was not in the running.

I do my best for my daughters in putting in nicely that this isn’t a choice. Whoever my followers choose will take on as the heir. I will sit them down and explain more when that happens.

Next order of business was discussing the family finances. Redecorating their rooms cost a lot. And the bills didn’t help either. So I need all 3 to find part time jobs. I didn’t care what they did as long as they kept their grades up. Their reward would be to add more to their rooms with a set budget of a certain amount of simoleons. And they could invite friends over. Fall in grades and they’ll lose their job, no adding to their room, and no friends over.

I sent them to my computer to find a job.

Junior was first. He chooses a retail job. He enjoys talking to people. His job will require him to work Tuesday through Saturday from 6:00pm – 10:00pm.

Juju goes for the Barista position. It’s an opportunity to hang out with friends. Not the point, Juju my child. She’ll get that real quick since her hours are 5:00am – 7:00am on Monday through Friday. If she does well, she can spend time with friends on the weekends.

Last but not least, my daughter Hope looks through the want ads. She picks out a babysitting job. She says her childhood was a lot of fun and she would like to see what it’s like taking care of children herself. With the hours she has from 6:00pm – 12:00am Monday through Friday, she’ll definitely get the feeling me and wife did back then.

I send the triplets off to do their homework as I make dinner. I thought I would try my hand at Gumbo. Doesn’t look like what I was expecting.

I finish in time for Clare to come home from work. We all eat together at the dinner table. I don’t think we will have meals like this all the time when the teeniboppers start their new jobs.

It’s time to call it a night for me. I’m too anxious about finding out the results tomorrow. I just want to sleep. Clare said she would make sure the triplets get to bed soon.

As I am talking to you, I know you’ll be part of my followers who vote tonight. Ponder back to when these 3 lovely teenagers of mine were just babies. Then they grew up to be cute little toddlers. And grade school children after that. Take time to remember the good days before you vote. Your decision is crucial to me announcing the new heir to my 3 kids.

Have a good night.

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6 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 45”

  • Ahhh…first day of high school….such a big step. And the heir announcement. So excited! Junior doesn’t seem to mind too much that he isn’t in the running, probably thinks he’s too good looking to build Newcrest! lol So, the vote is between Juju and Hope. I have my thoughts on the matter, but will put in up on the poll. I think that Newcrest will be lucky to have either one. They are both great. I love all the jobs they chose, and yes, might be the last time they all have dinner together for awhile.

  • That first pic is hilarious and priceless! Bwahaha!

    And congratulations, trips! You’ve grown up a little more. And jobs, too? Wow! Help the household out, kiddies. Those room upgrades weren’t cheap.

    • Tell me about it. I looked at the household income afterwards and was like… where’d all the simoleons go?! 😀

      • The trips didn’t protest much, which is surprising. But kids do enjoy being adult-like. I don’t think I hated my first job. I’d have done the same thing. haha!

        • Probably because it was jobs they were interested in. And we can imagine there were complaints behind the scenes. 😀

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