#BuildNewcrest: Day 44

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 44 (Household Income: §19,423)

Yesterday the kids finished their final project for grade school. I almost had an aging meltdown. And we all got to see Cathy‘s finished story. What a day!

As we eat breakfast, I remind the triplets that when they get home from their last day of grade school, they’ll grow up into teenagers and another level of schooling will start. They’ll have to act more mature. And that they will have a growth spurt. Then my wife and I enjoyed our last breakfast together with the triplets at the child stage of life.

10:00am rolled around and it was time for Hope, Juju, and Junior to attend their last day of grade school. Their school came by to pick up their volcano and castle projects.

It was time for me and Clare to decorate the dining room. Even Dulcie wants to help. We made cards for each one of them.

It’s going to be a special evening for the triplets. None of them really talked about any friends they made. So we’ll celebrate as a family. Hopefully they’ll make more friends and want to invite them over during their teenage days.

Then it was cake baking time. I decide on the chocolate cake again. Who doesn’t like chocolate, right?

I take paid time off from work and Clare goes in for half a day. When the triplets arrive home from their last day of grade school, we are outside waiting for them. They see the birthday sign and balloons and are excited.

Family hugging moment.

We all make our way inside.  We have a seat at the dining room table. Dulcie doesn’t want to be left out, so she joins the family. Probably curious what is going on.

The wife and I share one last moment with them at this young age.

I go get the cake and add candles to it. I think Dulcie thinks it’s for her.

First one to grow up is Hope. She looks so much like her mom when it comes to her face. Now it seems she likes the color green.

Then I relight the candles and it’s Juju’s turn. I think the wild child inside her is still there.

And finally, my little boy. Junior blows his candles out and the once mini me has turned into a handsome young man. Just like I used to be.

I have my 3 newly grown teenagers step outside so I could take a picture of them.

I give the 3 free reign to decorate their rooms within house budget. I helped Junior with his. I have a gut feeling he’s going to be joining sports teams. He was a great basketball shooter when we visited the Community Park.

Clare helped Hope and Juju’s with theirs.

Then we sit down for dinner. This is where I tell the kids they will have to find part-time jobs after school to pay for the costs. I didn’t think they’d break the bank, but they did. We’re close to being in debt and having no simoleons.

After dinner, we all go to bed. The kids have their first day of high school tomorrow and I have a lot to talk to them about when they get home.


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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 44”

    • Right?! Naughty Dulcie.

      And thank you. I think they turned out to be adorable teenagers. Will be hard having one be heir and the other two as spares.

  • I love the decorations that you did for their b-day party, and for a moment, I thought that Dulcie was going to eat the cake! lol All three turned out great. So sad that Joseph thinks that Junior was handsome, like he used to be. Poor Joseph. I think that he and Clare need to go on a date together or have a romantic evening together. And I think it was funny that at dinner Joseph told them that they had to all get jobs, like, Happy Birthday, you’re a teen now…so get a job! lol

    • Gotta love parenting!

      As for the birthday decor, I found those doing a “sims 4 birthday decoration custom content” search. 🙂

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