#BuildNewcrest: Day 43

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 43 (Household Income: §19,439)

Junior showed a bit of attitude yesterday. I fixed that right up. I think Hope is going to grow up to be just like her mom. They are both creatively talented.

It’s breakfast time. We talk about what our day is going to be like. The triplets need to do their project today as their final. Tomorrow is their last day of grade school. And tomorrow night they grow into teenagers. Time flew by so quickly.

First, I thought we would start with the hard ones first. Building volcanoes. Clare decided to help.

This could end up being a mess, so we go outside for it.

The girls did most of the work. The parents just helped here and there. By the time we all finished, Hope had gone all out. Juju wasn’t that interested and created the minimum requirements she had to. I still think she did a good job.

The volcano building took us a few hours. Well, it took Hope and my wife a few hours. Me and Juju finished much earlier but we watched the other two.

As now it’s a little after 11:30am, I make us all lunch. All that work made me hungry again anyway. I make BLTs and fries for the bunch. Junior was too lazy to change out of his pajamas. Looks like he’s going through his own phase. Maybe it has to do with him growing up tomorrow.

Hope ends up sharing that this is one of her favorite lunches.

At 2:00pm it was time to help Junior with his final project. He wanted to do it in his room. No liquids or explosions with this one, so I thought it would be okay. He seems to be good at building, too.

Look at the awesome castle Junior put together. I think his teacher will be proud. That’s my A student little man right there.

This took a little longer than expected, but the castle turned out great. It’s nearing 4:30pm. I jump in the shower. Me and my wife have a Page Turners meeting soon.

As I stare in the mirror brushing my teeth, I recall back when I became an adult. I do the math and realize I have about 6 days before these small wrinkles become more noticeable and my hair goes gray or white.

Clare notices me slumped on the bed. I ruined my evening thinking about my age. She asks me what’s wrong, so I tell her. But what she tells me next catches me by surprise.

She tells me that at her workplace, they’ve created a potion that will extend the lifespan of a sim. They used alien DNA. I had to repeat that to myself. They used alien DNA? I don’t believe in aliens and this sounded hysterical, but I had to keep myself from laughing out loud. At least she turned my frown upside down for a moment. She continued to say it has been tested on other sims already and has had positive results. Sure it has.

The Sim City government plans on taking full possession of it, but she was willing to bring a bottle home for me. I tell her I’ll think about it.

After getting dressed, I tell the kids they can raid the fridge for leftovers when they get hungry, but not to disturb the adults.

Junior and Hope liked this idea. Juju was not sure. Maybe she’ll be more excited when the time comes.

So I have some bad news. Cathy texted me at the last minute and said the club members were not going to be able to make it. However, she would still like to drop off a copy of her story for me and Clare. This is good because I have Megs coming over.

Side Note: I forgot that without cheats, there is a maximum of 8 on a lot. So I had to revamp this a bit. However, I will be using a household cheat to extend the max for a very special event. Look for that in Generation 2.

Megs arrives first. I explain to her that there won’t be a club meeting, but I would still like her to read through Cathy‘s story and see if she could get her Publisher to turn it into a book other sims can buy. Then Cathy shows up.

If you forgot, I told you last time we had our meeting here that Cathy wrote a SimLit story called “Septemus, My Son“. Cathy has finished it.

Cathy is thrilled at what I did. Megs glances through the story quickly and says she would be happy to see what her Publisher says. She then asks Cathy if perhaps she would also like an Illustrator and have pictures to go with her story. Clare chimes in and said that would be a wonderful idea and Cathy should think about it.

I am so happy these two are now finally getting along. When they first met, they pretty much ignored each other. And Megs doesn’t stalk me anymore. Now we have fun conversations.

When Cathy and Megs left, I jumped online. I had to share this news with my followers. I told them to look out for a new book coming soon called “Septemus, My Son” that was written by a friend of mine. I also share that in two days time, the community will help me pick my heir to continue the next step in building Newcrest. Well, my part of Newcrest.

By the time I finished, Clare had put the triplets to bed. I love my Clarebear!

Tomorrow is going to be a big day. The wife and I will be housing 3 teenagers tomorrow afternoon. Triplets at that. Good night my friends!

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2 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 43”

  • That is so weird about groups…I haven’t played them that much, so don’t know about the lot limits. But it’s a great thing that Megs came over. Great work on those school projects, and little Juju, the underachiever. It’s like, yah…it’ll do. lol

    • It’s kind of how I was in school. I put as little effort in my projects to get myself a passing grade. Shame on me. 😀

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