#BuildNewcrest: Day 42

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 42 (Household Income: §19,281)

It turned out to be a normal usual day yesterday. The weekend is here. The kids have one final project due for school.

As we eat breakfast at 7:00am, I realize my wife has the day off and so do my kids. At least I only have to work for 5 hours.

I was in the mood for french toast today, so I made them for the rest of the family too. I ask which of the kids is going to do the dishes this morning for mom and dad. Junior says he’s too good looking to do dishes.

So Junior got to do the dishes.

And he broke the sink. By accident or out of spite, I don’t know.

But guess who had to fix it?

And guess who I made mop the floor why I fixed it?

Then at 10:00am I go to work.

I’m home at 3:00pm. I wonder what mischief my family has been doing.

Clare‘s working on more paintings. She’s such an artist these days.

So is my daughter, Hope. She takes after her mother.

Juju and Dulcie were bonding.

And lastly I caught Junior on my computer. He downloaded a game to play. I suppose it’s okay. I made him mop the kitchen this morning.

I use this time to go for a jog before making dinner.

I feed Dulcie first. It seems to work better that way or else she thinks whatever I am making on the counter is hers.

Then I work on our dinner. I’m going to make fish tacos. I’ve become very skilled with knives, but what you see I do, I don’t recommend you try at home.

It’s nice when your cooking is appreciated. I notice Junior taking in the aroma of the fish tacos. And Hope says how good it tastes.

After we eat, the kids go back to doing what kids do. Clare goes back to her painting. And I’m beginning to have some bad body odor, so I take a long steamy shower.

Then I get online and update my social media status. I let my followers know that very soon, the community will begin voting for the next heir to continue the process of building the area my family owns of Newcrest. That’s right. It’s no longer just my land, but it belongs to my family.

By the time I am finished, it’s around 10:30pm. So it’s time to tuck in the triplets. We’ll be working on their final projects tomorrow.

I’ll also be having another Page Turners meeting at the house. Cathy texted me she finished her story and wanted me to have a copy. She would bring it over. I’m going to surprise her and invite Megs over. You see, Megs is an author. Maybe her Publisher can get Cathy‘s story turned into a Bestseller book.

Then I tick myself in next to my Clarebear for the night. There’s a lot to do tomorrow.

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6 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 42”

  • Oh funny, Junior thought he was too good looking to do dishes! lol Not! Yep…now the repairs start. Oh, and you are kind of scary there with the knives….yes, warning to the chapter….don’t try this at home. And I just wanted to comment on a few of the shower shots from this and the last chapters….very strategically placed towel bar! lol And Joseph is in such a rush to update his social media status, that he does it in his towel. Yah, ran right from the shower to do it. Priceless!

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