#BuildNewcrest: Day 41

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 41 (Household Income: §16,743)

Last night we adopted a pet that became a new part of the family. Her name is Dulcinea and she’s a black cat.

It’s 7:00am and breakfast time. It’s also Friday. My 3 kids grow up to be teenagers on Monday. Time has flown. I can remember when it was All Hallow’s Even when they grew out of their toddler stage.

The triplets go off to school at 8:00am.

Since Dulcie will be home alone for about 5 hours, I make sure her food dish is full…

And litter box cleaned.

Then myself and Clare go to work at 10:00am.

I enjoy getting home the same time as the kids. It gives me that dad bonding time with them. Especially helping out with their homework.

And speaking of homework, the triplets came home with their final project. The girls, Hope and Juju, have to create a chemical reaction volcano. Junior has to make a medieval castle diorama. Maybe a good Sunday project. The day before it’s due.

Junior wanted to watch some tv.

And the girls wanted to play with Dulcie.

This gave me time to get online and share photos of Dulcie with my followers. They too are sharing photos of their pets. Everyone in Sim City is excited about at least cats and dogs being cleared to be in all the towns.

This takes me to dinner making time. I’m going to attempt to make what I wanted last night. Hopefully Dulcie won’t think it’s hers this time.

Tonight I am able to make human sims food, not pet sims food. When Clare gets home, we have a nice family dinner together. And the lovely wife compliments the lovely husband on his cooking.

We finish eating around 8:30pm. The kids wanted to watch a movie, so I find an appropriate one for them to view.

I had a long day at work even though it was only 5 hours. I decide to call it a night as my Clarebear said she would make sure the triplets go to bed.

I’ll see you all in the morning as well.

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