#BuildNewcrest: Day 40

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 40 (Household Income: §15,588)

The news came out yesterday that pet adoption has been legalized in Sim City areas. My triplets graduate grade school real soon and I think this would be a great early gift for them. Plus I want a cat. I need more cat videos for my social media page

As everyone wakes up at 7:00am, we have breakfast. I give the triplets a heads up that after the weekend is over, they’ll have their last day of grade school. When they get home, we will be celebrating them turning into teenagers.

Which then I send them off to school.

And at 10:00am, I send my wife off to work. Well, I don’t send her off. I wish her a happy work day.

After Clare leaves, I change clothes. I head on over to the other part of Newcrest where this town’s pet adoption agency is.

There are so many cute cats and dogs up for adoption. I wanted a cat for sure. I just don’t know what type. I survey the kennels. They let me hold and pet a few. They are so adorable. Then I come across a black one. She hisses at me when I try and pick her up. This one is a feisty one. She didn’t bite or claw me, though. However, she was struggling to get out of my arms. This is the one I want. I know she’ll grow on me and the family and we’ll do the same back. I like a good challenge.

I fill out all the paperwork and bring her home with me. Her name is Dulcinea. I’ll call her Dulcie for short.

Side Note: The above scenario is how I achieved the cat I have today. Consider the Sims 4 Dulcinea a simself version of my real cat.

Since the time is a little after 1:00pm now, I feed Dulcie and then make myself lunch.

I give Dulcie a tour of the house.

A little more updating to my wedding venue as well until the triplets get home. I ordered a keyboard and had it shipped. I’m happy to see how this is coming along. It will be a great way for future Generations to have a wedding and stay in Newcrest. And not worry about eloping like I did.

The kids get home at 3:00pm. I have Dulcie in my arms. They’re curious what I have. So I explain to them that this is the family pet. If they want us to keep her, they must all share in taking care of her. Especially when they become teenagers in 3 days time. Mom and dad will take care of the kitty before then.

They each get to hold Dulcie for a little while.

But I remind the kids they need to get their homework done before dinner. Tomorrow should be their last homework assignment. Then the weekend is here. And on Monday they graduate from grade school.

As I finished making dinner, Dulcie thought it was for her. All that hard work. I’m not going to feed this to my family after the cat licked it. Eww!

Side Note: Pets in the Sims 4 cannot be controlled. So yes, Dulcinea decided to autonomously get up on the counter and start eating what Joseph had just finished making. Bad kitty!

I trashed the chicken I made and cooked up mac and cheese instead as Clare will be home soon.

I told Clare last night of my plans about adopting a cat. She approved and that’s when we made up the ground rules in keeping the cat. She goes over it again with the kids and of course, they say they know cause dad already told them. It’s good for them to hear it more than once though.

Then we enjoy our current dinner since Dulcie enjoyed the previous one I made.

After dinner, it was play time with Dulcie.

Eventually, it’s time for everyone to go to bed. The kids have school and the wife and I have work in the morning.

Even Dulcie takes a cat nap.

Good night, everyone. I’ll share my cat story with my followers from my social media page tomorrow. Taking care of Dulcie today was exhausting.

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7 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 40”

  • Awww… Dulcie is beautiful. I love the new addition. And Junior’s face was priceless while holding the kitty. Silly cat eating the chicken! My kitty goes after human food on counters too, especially when there’s pizza.

  • I laughed out loud when I read that you needed more cat videos for your social media page! hahaha And I love the name your picked….Dulcinea…the song from Man of La Mancha is ringing through my mind. I like Dulcie, the shorted version. And those are the cutest pics of each child holding Dulcie. So sweet. Well, you picked a winner with Dulcie, who much prefers “hum” food over her cat food. It’s chickie-din for her and mac and cheese for the humans. Love your new furball.

  • Ooopps….that should have said “human”* food over her cat food. lol “hum” food – a new term. lol

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