1.4: The Big Bromance

The Duckson Legacy: Generation 1: Chapter 4: The Big Bromance

J Huntington III lives in Oasis Springs across neighborhoods from Andrew Duckson. He met Andrew about a couple months ago at the Burners & Builders gym.

J is a Quality Assurance agent for Rainy Day Entertainment.  It’s not his ideal job, but it’s something.

He aspires to be a bodybuilder someday but could never really get into the mode of it. He would even go to the gym on a regular basis. He didn’t have that oomph he needed… until he met Andrew. They talked a lot at the gym early in the mornings. However, their meetings turned into phone chats. J missed hanging out with his new friend he made.

J lives with three other roommates; Zoe Patel, Mitchell Kalani, and Gavin Richards.

As the group was getting up in the morning, J found Zoe relaxing at their bar.

J: What’s in store for the Editor-in-Chief of Walrus Books today?
Zoe (smirking at J): Just the typical accepting one story, denying another. Any good games you’re going to break today?
J: Funny. Anyway, I wanted to let you know I am inviting a friend over today after I get off work. He’s really good looking, besides me of course. I think you should ask him out. He’s single. And I’m off the table since we agreed none of us bro’s in the house would try and date you. Just to save friendship.
Zoe: So you’re setting me up on a date?
J: No, no. We’re going to hang out. He’s going to give me workout tips and such. I just think you should hang out with us. Check him out. Then I’ll set you up on one.

J gives Zoe a big smile. She shakes her head and gives a small chuckle.

J invites Andrew for dinner. He made grilled cheese to keep it simple. He also extended Zoe another invitation. She decided to join them but wasn’t in the mood to eat.

J introduced Zoe to Andrew. J asked Andrew about his likings of Oasis Springs so far. Then they talked about work and what each of the three did.

Before it got too dark, J changed into some looser clothes and invited Andrew outside to where his personal punching bag was. The two talked about working out…

J: What do you think?
Andrew: I like the openness of it. Fresh air while you work out.

Andrew watched J as he punched the bag getting a workout. He gave J some pointers on how to punch and what gives the most for arm strength. They talked about fitness strategies as well as eating habits.

Eventually they had to call it a night. J thanked Andrew for coming over and offered him a friendly hug. Andrew accepted as he was happy to have a friend in Oasis Springs.

After Andrew left, J went inside to see Zoe waiting for him.

Zoe: How did the big bromance go?
J: The what?
Zoe: Your man crush. Maybe you should be the one to ask him out.
J: Funny. We have a lot in common. I really think you should date him, though. I think you two would hit it off.
Zoe: I will if you do.

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