#BuildNewcrest: Day 36

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 36 (Household Income: §15,057)

Yesterday I decided to put a wedding venue in our backyard. I am hoping my 3 kids put it to good use.

7:00am and it’s breakfast time. You already know what we’re having.

After breakfast, I go outside to see how my rose bushes are going. I missed gardening for those days after I built the Community Park. I’m glad I’m back to doing it again.

I spend most of the morning adding more to my new wedding venue.

I decide to go for a jog before lunch. I notice Megs out jogging too. I haven’t seen her in awhile.

So I stop and say hello. She hasn’t been all stalkerish since I married Clare and invited her to the eloping ceremony. I’ve even had her over when the triplets were toddlers.

I let her know the kids are now at the child stage. Teenage years are just around the corner. I mention she should stop by and visit them sometime.

After about 45 minutes of catching up, we both continue our jogging.

I take a speedy shower before making lunch.

During lunch, I tell the triplets that mom and I will be having company over tonight for a book club meeting, so they’ll have to play in their rooms.

So, for most of the afternoon we play with the kids ourselves and give them some tender loving care.

When 5:00pm came around, I made the kids sandwiches for dinner and told them they could eat in their bedrooms together.

I managed to get some of the Page Turners to come over to discuss their latest reads and fill me in on the Page Turners. Cathy, July, and another member of club named Bianca came over.

We all managed to squeeze into the tiny living room. I thank them for allowing me to have a meeting here for some of the club members. I learned that I can leave Newcrest, but not until an heir has taken my place. The heir and their spouse must remain in Newcrest. But that’s a later discussion.

I find out the latest read right now is Cathy‘s story writing. She’s writing a story about a Sim who adopted an alien child. It’s called “Septemus, My Son“. She gives me a copy of what she has written so far. I just listen in as the rest collaborate about her story. Giving her feedback and ideas for future chapters. I can’t wait to get started.

Side Note: Be sure to click on the link for Cathy’s story title. It’s an actual thing. And it’s written by the real Cathy. Some more SimLit to add to your collection of reading.

The meeting goes well into the night. We end close to 10:30pm. Myself and Clare thank them for coming. I am glad I also met another member of the Page Turners. She was a little on the grumpy side tonight.

I give Cathy and July hugs goodbye. I’m sure Bianca was the one who really needed a hug, though.

I go to help Clare put the triplets to bed, but it seems they did so themselves. Ah, such good kids. I kiss them each on the head.

Side Note: Yup. The triplets went to bed autonomously! I didn’t pay any attention to them in game when I was watching the Page Turners do their own thing in the living room. Such great kids! I don’t want them to grow up!

I go online and let my followers know of the day I had. I think they’re all anxious to see what next happens in the building of Newcrest. I tell them it’s too soon and I they have to wait until my kids grow into teenagers. That’s approximately 6 more days away. Time is going too fast.

My Clarebear is already asleep, so I join her. Another goodnight my friends.

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  • Great day and more work on the wedding area. I love how you linked Cathy Tea’s story in your story. Nice work, and that is a great story that she wrote. Ok, so can you come over to my house and make the fruit and yogurt parfait? lol I wish I could make a simself to be in your story, too. Sigh!

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