#BuildNewcrest: Day 35

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 35 (Household Income: §16,057)

Yesterday was not a good day at school for Juju even though she did come home with a B, along with my other 2 kids. Hope had a really good day at school. Junior had a humorous day.

Even though it’s today the kids have off from school, I am making them get up early. If I let them sleep in on their days off from school, they just might want to sleep in on their days of school as well. Especially Juju.

I decide to stick with the fruit and yogurt parfait for breakfast. I’ll switch it up once I start getting complaints or they get old enough to make their own breakfast.

During my sleep last night, I came up with an idea to use my botanist skills I acquired during my days before building the Community Park.

First I am going to use another vacation day from work. I have tomorrow off, so I can spend time working on my new project and with my kids. Oh, and more time with my Clarebear.

Clare plays with the kids as I go outside and survey the lot. I decide the corner would be good for my project.

Here’s the thing. I didn’t get to have a nice wedding with Clare. If you recall, we eloped right there on the empty lot with a small shed and a tent. Not very romantic if you ask me. I want my kids to have a nice wedding. And we can’t do it outside of Newcrest. So my project is to build an outdoors wedding area behind the house. A permanent fixture to the lot for Generations to come.

I expect the house to be updated as Generations pass as well, so I want to leave room for that expansion. But this is a pretty big lot.

I’ll plant some roses when I find some. And grow some other nice flowers as well. This will put my botanist skills to good use. For now, I spend the morning building the wedding arch. As I look at it, I hope all 3 kids get married here.

This takes me until lunch time. I make grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Those were a big hit for dinner the other night. And Hope is the first to say something positive today.

Hope is inspired by her mom’s paintings, which Clare has started back up to doing again. She’s too young to be using an easel, but I was able to find and have shipped an activity table where she could draw and paint pictures.

Hope fell in love with it.

Side Note: I try to leave everyone but the founder, Joseph Simself, to autonomously do their own thing. But sometimes I fulfill their whims to add to the story. Hope’s had the same whim since she turned to the child stage…to have an activity table. I’ll have her use it once forcefully. If she uses it any other time, it’s done autonomously. Enjoy!

I end up finding some rose flower seeds to plant. Which I place them on both sides of the wedding arch.

I also find add some flowers on the ground to start. I’ll add more as the wedding venue progresses. I never expected to be a botanist or now a wedding planner.

For dinner, I take the family to the restaurant I asked Clare to be my girlfriend and then later where I proposed.

I reserve us a table.

I have the triplets look at their menus and tell them they can order whatever they want.

The waiter comes to take our orders. It was the waiter with the mohawk. I thought it was a nice touch he went to each of my children asking them what they wanted. He gets a good tip afterwards.

I think the kids enjoyed escaping the house besides going to school and the park. I know I did.

It was late when we got home, so I send the kids to bed.

Then I work on my social media status for a short bit.

And snuggle with my Clarebear again.

Until we fall asleep. Good night!

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