#BuildNewcrest: Day 34

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 34 (Household Income: §13,518)

I joined the Page Turners Club yesterday. Now I can discuss SimLit with other club member such as my wife Clare and my friends Cathy and July. I still need to figure how to keep up with my freelance botanist experience.

7:00am comes around. My family enjoyed my fruit and yogurt parfait, so I make it again.

Hope makes it known she enjoys it. I tell her master chef Joseph is hard at work and I thank her.

Off to school the triplets go. Today is Friday, so they get to enjoy the next two days off from it after today. Hope smiled all the way to school. She’s in such a good mood today.

At 10:00am, it’s time for me and wife to go to work.

I get home from work as the triplets arrive home from school. I ask the 3 what happened in school today. One thing in common is that they all improved their grades from Cs to Bs.

Hope says in gym class, she had the opportunity to hide out and take a small break when they had to run laps but she kept going and didn’t cheat. That’s my angel.

Juju says she accidently messed up on a test and the teacher made her retake it during recess and she missed hanging out with her friends. She was so angry I had to try and calm her down. Poor Juju. She can’t catch a break in school right now.

Junior tells me that his friends played a joke on him pretending a girl liked him. But it was a funny joke and he even laughed. That’s good because he is too young to have a girlfriend right now.

I have all 3 do their homework today so they don’t have to over Saturday or Sunday. Juju was still angry, so I helped with her homework calming her down some. Not much. I did compliment her on getting a B.

When Clare gets home, we have dinner. I enjoy cooking now. After 30 days of having to roast over a fire pit, this is actually nice.

Juju really needs to release her steam, so we all change into our sweats and go to the park for the evening.

Hope and Juju play on the monkey bars.

I play basketball with Junior. I’m impressed with my little guy’s mad tossing skills.

After they all burn off their energy for the day, we go back home. Clare puts the girls to bed and I tuck Junior in.

I go online and update my social media status. I’m slowly but surely getting more followers.

Myself and Clarebear haven’t had fun in bed since before she got pregnant, so we do so tonight. But we keep as quiet as we can.

And end up falling asleep afterwards.

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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 34”

  • I realized I haven’t had a chance to catch-up on your great story. So, trying today and realized, oh my gosh, I haven’t read this since November. Well, I think I did read some, but forgot to comment. Okay, well here goes for this chapter.

    Let me tell you, they are all looking wonderful, and I remember this story, even if it was a few months’ ago. Juju, poor, Juju, still having trouble in school. I liked how you had an end of day summary of what happened in school today. That was neat. I also loved the pic of the entire family as they are heading off to the park. Clare looks so happy in this pic. Great work 🙂

    • This was the first day that each of the three kids had something happen where I needed to make a choice/response. I thought it was cool myself. Usually it only happened to one of the three.

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