#BuildNewcrest: Day 33

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 33 (Household Income: §11,026)

A couple days ago I completed what I wanted to for myself. I became a freelance botanist. I don’t want to put that to waste now that the Community Park has been built and I moved my family into a new home.

Junior wakes me up a little after 1:30am. He says there’s a monster under his bed. I’m regretting telling those ghost stories on All Hallow’s Eve. My poor kids. First it was Juju, now it’s Junior.

I grab a spray bottle and pretend it’s a Monster-Be-Gone spray. His franticness wakes Juju up and she needs to see what’s going. The one who is afraid of ghosts is actually finding this funny? Go figure.

I spray under and on top of his bed and show him there’s nothing there anymore. Please get some sleep, Junior. You have school today. We have to get up in a little over 5 hours.

I tuck Junior and Juju back into their beds. And I go back to bed, too.

Even though I fall asleep quickly, it feels like I just put the kids back to bed when 7:00am rolls around.

We all get up and I make sure the kids do their morning routine of sharing the bathroom to use the toilet, shower, and brush their teeth. Whatever order they want to do it in was up to them. I like to hide and make sure they are at least brushing their teeth.

I decide to make a fruity breakfast this morning as Hope and Juju complained yesterday.

We have our fruit yogurt parfait for breakfast. No complaints this morning.

I also think it must be sleeveless shirt day at school. Oh, the outfits my kids decide to wear sometimes.

Side Note: I picked their outfits out in CAS. What they wear is up to the game. Today the game thought they all should wear their tank tops.

My three lovely triplets head off to school.

I have today off of work, but Clare didn’t. So, I see her off at 10:00am.

I decide to go jogging. I haven’t been able to in awhile now. I don’t want to start getting that daddy belly. Or beer belly.

As I jog, I enjoy the scenery. It makes me wonder what all the empty lots will look like when my family has finished it. And how long it will take.

I also play with the cowplant for a little while. It’s such a good guard cow….plant.

I take a long brisk shower. It feels so good to relax. But the kids will be home soon.

And when they do get home, I take them to the Community Park to let off some steam.

Juju tells me about her day when the Principal arrived to her class. I’m glad she did the right thing.

I call up Cathy. I invite her to the Park. I have a question for her.

When she arrives, I ask her if it’s still possible to join the Page Turners Club. I think she was excited when I asked.

I go into telling her, Club meetings are going to be hard for me to attend outside Newcrest because I can’t leave it. I could invite a few over to my house sometimes to discuss SimLit and other books. She would talk to their club leader.

Then we catch up on each other as last time she saw my triplets as toddlers.

We head home around 6:30pm. I make dinner so it would be ready by the time Clare got home.

Remember when Junior visited me when he was a toddler when I was baking the cake? He decided to come watch dad cook again. He’s a little chatterbox, too. I like that about him.

We had grilled cheese for dinner. Grilled cheese seems to be a favorite among the others around sim city.

At the dinner table, Clare had news to share. She got a raise at work. Way to go my Clarebear!

After dinner, Junior is such a good little man and cleans up the dishes without even being asked.

I send the kids off to do their homework. I’m hoping they raise their grades soon. I encourage them to be A students before they leave grade school.

Hope needs some help with her homework. I am happy to help.

It takes them to bed time to do their homework. Me and Clare tuck them in for the night.

I update my followers on my social media site about Clare getting a raise at work and my kids are doing good in school.

Then I tuck myself in next to my wife. Good night, my friends.

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  • Oh so happy they get to go to the park that you created! And finally, Joseph gets to join the Page Turners club. Those darn monsters….they’re everywhere. And congrats to Clare for getting a promotion! Yes. Those kiddos are getting so big already….I don’t want them to age up….

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