#BuildNewcrest: Day 32

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 32 (Household Income: §8,488)

I had a really fun day yesterday. My three triplets aged up to child status from being toddlers. Then the family spent the evening celebrating All Hallow’s Eve. Poor Jubilee got scare, though.

7:00am comes and it’s the kids’ first day of school. We have breakfast as a family. Junior likes my breakfast, but the girls wish I would have made something healthier.

Then the triplets go off to school. I hope they make their daddy proud and do good.

Then 2 hours later, me and my wife head off to work. Did I ever mention that Clare looks sexy in her work uniform?

One nice thing that wasn’t planned, is that I get home the same time as the kids. Which is good because they’re too young to be home by themselves right now.

It felt good to go back to work. I missed my co-workers.

When the kids get home, I see Juju feeling a bit down. Is she still upset about last night? I best go apologize again to her. But she says that wasn’t it. And that there are ghosts. She saw two of them.

But what she was sad about was she made a new friend. This friend was throwing a birthday party and she was curious why she didn’t get invited, so she asked her friend. Now this person had been avoiding her the rest of the day. I tell Juju that she probably wasn’t a friend to begin with then. And if this person is having a birthday party, it means they’ll age up to a teenager as well. And they will be changing schools. She’s better off making friends who will last while she’s mostly in school.

I have a surprise for the triplets. I tell them they cannot let their mother know I let them do this. I retrieve the 4 jack-o-lanterns from yesterday. I allow them to smash their pumpkins. Hopefully Juju will enjoy this the most and take her frustrations out. I don’t want a sad Juju the rest of the day. I even join in on the fun.

Hope wanted to keep hers, but I told her we couldn’t. They would begin to rot and smell bad. So she eventually smashed hers too.

I have the kids to their homework until Clare gets home. As Juju is doing hers, I ask her if she is feeling better. She is.

I also hang up the artwork I got from work during my promotions. And I even hang up the paintings my Clarebear has been working on. I hope she doesn’t mind.

After Clare arrives home from work, we eat dinner.

And have a dance contest. It was between myself and the girls. Clare and Junior were too fascinated with one of Clare‘s paintings I hung on the wall.

As Clare puts the triplets to bed, I go online to update my social media status. Many are complimenting the Newcrest Community Park that I had built. Glad folks are enjoying it.

Afterwards, I take myself to bed. Have a good night!

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4 thoughts on “#BuildNewcrest: Day 32”

  • Smashing pumpkins – yeah! Oh, and first day of school. So sorry that Juju didn’t have a very good first day. Glad that other sims liked your park. I wonder what you have to do now in the challenge?

    • I can start on Generation 2. But I am choosing to wait for the triplets to be teenagers. As soon as an heir is chosen, Generation 2 begins and another part of the Newcrest Challenge. For now, I work on the side plots.

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