#BuildNewcrest: Day 31

Build Newcrest Challenge: Generation 1: Joseph Simself

Day 31 (Household Income: §6,929)

I completed my aspiration to be a freelance botanist two days ago. Yesterday I had my Newcrest Community Park built. I’m excited. I want my children to be a part of this adventure, so I am going to have one of them continue the next phase. But they are too young right now. I think they will understand more when they are teenagers.

We wake up around 7am as usual. Well, the toddlers do and wake the parents up of course. I’ve got much planned for us today. And in our new home. I’m glad to be back in a real bed. I’m going to miss my gardening. I may plant a garden here as well. And I’ve always wanted to join Page Turners. I have that opportunity now.

Lucky for me, it’s my day off of work. Not so lucky for Clare. She works 10:00am – 7:00pm. She doesn’t want to take another vacation day.

Because we want to celebrate their aging up before Clare heads off to work, I head to the kitchen to bake a cake. Junior decided to follow me and watch.

After I finish, we all gather in our new dining room. I explain to them that they will be growing up. And even though they are triplets, they will grow up minutes apart because that was how they were born.

Hope is the first to age up. I think she’s going to take after her mom.

Then it’s Jubilee’s turn. She’s still my little wild child. Hopefully better with her food this time.

Last but not least, Joseph Jr. He is definitely turning out to be a mini me.

After Clare leaves for work, I sit the newly aged up children down to discuss our All Hallow’s Eve plans. Since we are not allowed to venture out of my area of Newcrest, I don’t go telling them about trick-or-treating. I do tell them that ghosts may come out throughout the day and to be nice to them or they will play tricks on them. As young as they are they should buy it.

Afterwards, I have a carving station delivered so we can carve pumpkins, which we spend a lot of the time doing.

We each create a jack-o-lantern. I of course help them with theirs. We end up making a cat, ghost, smiley, and lopsided jack-o-lanterns.

Creating the jack–o-lanterns, having lunch, and just talking took us well into around 5:00pm. My Clarebear would be home in a couple hours. I tell my kids as night draws near, the spirits will be out. We need to look like them to blend in. And I remind them if they see any, to be nice to them.

I help them each with their makeup and costumes. I don’t think they believed me on what the type the spirits looked like. At least I had fun.

When Clare arrives home, she changes into her costume as well. Then we go to Newcrest Community Park. We take the jack-o-lanterns with us.

Even though the Park doesn’t have a fire pit, I create one. I’ll take it down when we leave. No one will care, I built the place after all.

As it’s not really dark yet. I begin our evening with a mild ghost story.

The only one that got spooked was my wild child Juju of all kids. At least I got one of them.

Then it’s time to light the fire pit and jack-o-lanterns. The fire pit had a ghostly mist to it before the fire lit.

Side Note: The smoke before the fire lit was not my doing. How weird is that. The game itself is spooky.

We roast hot dogs for dinner.

Junior wanted a shot at telling a ghost story. Juju would have none of it, so she turned around and enjoyed her meal attempting to ignore him. My silly little girl. I hope I didn’t scare her into having nightmares tonight. That will be my fault.

Side Note: I don’t know why Jubilee sat down facing the other way to eat. But she did do it when she was done roasting AND during the time Joseph Jr. was telling a story.

I had one final ghost tale before we headed home. It was about a girl who was a ghost and trapped from moving on. But I also added some sappiness to it that there was also a man trapped and the two found each other.

Juju continued to face the other direction, but I knew she was listening.

All of a sudden, Juju panicked and turned around. Clare stood up and Juju went over to her. I guess the night is over. I scared her again.

Side Note: For their time in the park, I changed one of the lot traits to haunted. Soon, I saw two ghosts standing by the fountain and ran with it.

At home, we all shower to get the makeup off.

Myself and Clare put the kids to bed. I make sure to tuck in Juju. I apologize to her and tell her the stories aren’t real and neither are ghosts.

I go online and update my social media status and tell all my followers I hope they had a safe and wonderful All Hallow’s Eve.

I finish the night having a good night’s sleep. Today was a lot of fun. Too bad it only happens once in every 365 days. Sadly, it won’t be around again for a long time.

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  • Oh most definitely will have to back-read. Congrats on the triplets and their aging up! What cute names, too. Was that a ghost in the fire-pit – must be from all the ghost tales you were telling your kids! hehe And congrats that you completed your aspiration! Great for you! What a great adventure for Halloween. And I love that hat that your simself is wearing.

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